‘Mathracy Project Goes Rhythmic’

Around 200 students from the Gozo College and their parents attended the ‘Mathracy Project Goes Rhythmic’ event at the Aurora Theatre. The students participated in an interactive session, led by Leone Philharmonic Society secretary Matthew Sultana.

Different characteristics linked to theatre were presented to the students through context-based flashcards, while the Literacy Department head and the Maths support teacher led a session for parents informing them how the project weaves skills into core subjects as suggested by the framework for 21st century learning.

Students and parents were engaged in workshops linking elements of maths, literacy and music through rhythm as the main component. The workshops were developed and animated by the respective teachers of the Gozo College.

An original booklet linked to the tasks developed through the workshops was given to each student.

The project was developed three years ago with the aim of giving the curriculum a real world relevance by sparking students’ desire to explore, investigate and understand their world.

This is made possible by giving children a different experience outside the school context by linking with different entities throughout the community so that the learning that takes place within the Gozo College can be extended further.

This was the first time that the Mathracy Project linked its venture with a theatre. This was made possible with the collaboration of the Aurora Theatre.

The ‘Mathracy Project Goes Rhythmic’ was coordinated by education officer Lawrence Sciberras and Literacy Department head Elaine Ciantar and supported by the Gozo Ministry and the Eco Gozo Directorate.

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