Police probe on John Dalli

I refer to the article ‘Green light for police to prosecute John Dalli in 2013: Arrest warrant followed Attorney General’s advice’ (August 8).

The police had never informed me about any arraignment or about any arrest warrant. I communicated with the police over the phone during the period December 2012 and March 2013 about my return dates to Malta. The police were informed about the date of my return before I arrived in Malta.

I arrived in Malta on April 6, 2013. This was a full week before (police commissioner) John Rizzo resigned from office and not one day, as the article wrongly reported.

The Times of Malta had reported my return on April 13, 2013. This report was on the same date as the report of Rizzo’s resignation. The wrongful use that was made of this report leads me to conclude that this was not a coincidence.

Rizzo had ample time to take the action he believed he should have taken. I believe that this lack of action was due to the fact that the political pressure he had before the election had vanished. He himself had said in court that he was being pressurised by the media and by Parliament. This pressure from Parliament was on the day that the previous administration lost a confidence vote.

I also believe that this lack of action was due to the revelation on March 21, 2013 that Olaf and the Malta police advised Swedish Match to continue to repeat information they knew was false not to disturb the investigation in Malta. I wonder whether the Attorney General was fed this wrong information when Rizzo met him after his conspiratorial meeting in Brussels with (Olaf head) Giovanni Kessler and Swedish Match.

I can only conclude that these articles by the Times of Malta, which are nothing but a rehash of old statements they have repeatedly reported, is also not a coincidence. They are intended to give support to Kessler in the criminal accusations he is facing.

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