Watch: Ira Losco's new, catchy Eurovision song released

Watch: Ira Losco's new, catchy Eurovision song released

Ira Losco's new Eurovision song - Walk on Water - was released today by PBS.

The popular singer, who won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the song Chameleon , told Times of Malta this morning she is happier with Walk on Water.

The new song, she said was "more current".

"This song reflects my personality and I feel very comfortable with it. And that's very important. I believe in this song. It's important to have everyone's support," Ms Losco said, pointing out that the Eurovision Song Festival has changed dramatically since she first represented Malta in 2002.

PBS CEO Anton Attard said the feedback received so far had shown that Walk on Water is a "much better" song than Chameleon (seen below).

This morning betting companies had already raised Malta's entry among the favourites, even though the song has not yet been released.

"It is the obvious winner. It's a contemporary tune and today the Eurovision contest is aligning itself with the industry," Mr Attard said.

He explained that unlike other countries, Malta does not have a base of votes, unlike countries like Russia.

"But I believe if we have a strong song we will do better."

New Eurovision rules have made it possible to change the winning song in consultation with the composer, author and singer of the song.

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