Make it happen with duo Dimal and Lyndsay

The Make it Happen CD artwork.The Make it Happen CD artwork.

To many, ‘let’s make it happen’ is a simple yet effective motivational message, but to Malta-based Russian rapper Dimal and Maltese singer Lyndsay, the statement captures the spirit (and the title) of their latest single; a collaborative effort that blends Dimal’s rap and Lyndsay’s melodic vocals with pulsating beats fashioned from the same cloth that drapes contemporary dance charts all over the place.

Commenting about the new single, Dimal says: “I’m always open to collaborations. I don’t mind if the artist is well-known or not – I don’t work with artists because of their popularity but because of their talent”. He adds that Lyndsay’s vocals fitted the song perfectly and brought a new feeling to it.

Lyndsay believes that working with Dimal was a pleasant experience.

“He is such a talented and determined artist.

“The song is very different to the genre I’m used to, but I’m also eager to try different things in my career and I’m very satisfied with how it turned out. I’m sure it will be a popular tune for the summer.”

For more information, look up Dimal Multimilliardov or Lyndsay Pace on Facebook.

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