Company in bid to boost solar energy

Owners of large areas of landmay invest in PV systems to farm energy and sell it back to thegovernment.

In this regard, Alberta is considering partnerships with owners whose land is available for a solar system but who do not have enough cash to invest in the system.

The larger the installation, the faster the system pays itself and the better it performs.

Alberta recently launched anew company mascot, calledBert, to promote energy-savingand cost-cutting heating andcooling solutions.

Waving the green flag, the mascot will be passing on the message that the most economical way to run a household is to make use of available energy – the sun and the wind.

Dependency on traditional electricity is one of the biggest threats our environment faces today, sothe company recommends an energy audit of each household todetermine the best energy solutionsfor cutting down on energywaste and making the most ofavailable resources.

The company offers solar heating, PV systems, intelligent plugs, window films, heat pumps, wind turbines and solar blinds.

Apart from cutting down on electricity bills, such a system allowed families to sell electricity units to the government with a guaranteedreturn on investment.

A residential PV system had a performance guarantee of 25years and was paid back in full after five to six years.”

An average terraced house can take at least eight PV panels. Such a system would save the household about €1,000 annually.

On the other hand, solarwater heaters receive a €300-€400 government rebate withreturn on investment after four to five years.

Alberta’s solar water heaters, which are manufactured in Turkey, are glass-lined and the photovoltaics are salt-mist tested.

The company’s line-up of specialised products includes heat pumps for pools and underfloor heating and cooling.

To install underfloor systems for heating and cooling, it would cost an average household about €3,500. Window films and solar blinds against UV rays reduce room temperature by at leasttwo degrees.

For more information about energy audits and energy solutions, call at Alberta in Mrieħel, visit,call 2549 0466 or e-mail [email protected].


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