Let’s take action on Villa Guardamangia (1)

I refer to the correspondence by Geoff White of Pietà (April 5) appertaining to Villa Guardamangia and indeed it would be a great pity if such a relic is left to the elements to continue to crumble further. We are talking about a very significant part in the life of Queen Elizabeth, perhaps the most respected and exemplary monarch ever. She also makes it clear on every occasion that she revisits Malta that “it feels like coming home” and this was her home!

May I humbly suggest that the British High Commission, along with the British Residents Association (which has recently grown quite substantially in numbers due to the ever-growing number of expats who are settling in Malta), take a lead and show some interest in this property by promoting it during their meetings. After all it is part of their history as it is Malta’s! I am also sure that there would be some interest from companies in the UK that would be more than willing to fund the purchase and restoration of this Villa.

Unless we do something about it now, we will all be held accountable in years to come as, after all, we are the custodians of this property and it is our duty not to allow it to disappear or worse still allow it to be pulled down and replaced by a block of apartments finished with smoked glass windows and stainless steel balcony rails. God forbid!

Let us do something concrete about it. I would gladly offer my time to help save this forgotten monument and, who knows, Her Majesty might have the opportunity to revisit her ex-residence on her next visit to our islands.

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