YMCA personalities campaign

On May 12 and 13, the YMCA, Valletta held their homeless personalities campaign.

Maltese personalities took part in different ways, including sleeping in the middle of Republic Street as well as taking part in our unplugged session.

These personalities were: Ira Losco, Ian (l-Ispjun), John Montanaro, Peppi Azzopardi, Jeffrey Pullucino Orlando MP, Xandru, Justyne Caruna MP, Rachel Attard, Moira Delia, Owen, Daniel and Sander of Zoo, Carmel Busuttil, Roseanne Zammit (The Times), Vince Fabri, Carrie and band, Ivan (Winter Moods), Alex and Eric who came to play in our unplugged session.

The YMCA, Valletta would like to thank all of our sponsors who made the homeless personalities campaign a success, namely HSBC, Vodafone, Aplan, Agenda Bookshops, Ultimate, Exotique, Plasmon, Mario Aguis, Joe Bonnici & sons, Endeavour, Royalty Beddings, Swan Laundry, Tattingers, Progress Press, Eden Leisure, Photo City, Smart Supermarket, 34U, YMCA rescue group, McDonalds, Café Ranieri, Marco Micallef (Camel brand) , Right Deal, Metro stationary, JB Baldacchino, Makaw, Carsons, Farsons, Probe Securilty and Keramit.

The YMCA would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped out throughout the activity including the instructors and dancers who took part in the exercise morning.

During this 30-hour period, Lm2,564 was raised in cash and over Lm5,000 was raised in kind. Thank you all. Without your help, the campaign would not have been as successful as it was.

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