Updated 12pm with PL reaction

The Opposition has challenged the Prime Minister to say why he has not yet published a report which probed political interference claims into a drug trafficking case in Gozo.

The final inquiry, which was handed to Joseph Muscat last Wednesday, was meant to investigate claims made by Malta Today that a statement given to the Gozo police during a drug-related investigation in summer 2013 was changed following a meeting involving “two senior politicians” and family members of the suspects.

In a statement, the Nationalist Party said the Prime Minister should stop taking people for a ride and immediately take steps against the two ministers who intervened in the Gozo drugs case.

Speaking on Net TV last Tuesday, party leader Simon Busuttil said the inquiry, which was steered by a former Labour candidate, will probably be a whitewash.

"This case proves something: Joseph Muscat would choose drug traffickers over youths. On the other hand, Simon Busuttil will carry out an unprecedented attack against drug traffickers," the PN said. 

Publish PN 'false' invoices - PL

Dr Busuttil should publish his party's "false" invoices instead of attacking an inquiry which was still being analysed by the Prime Minister, the Labour Party said in reaction. 

"The difference between the government and the opposition is that the government acts on inquiries and reports, and doesn't shelve them," the PL said. 

Dr Busuttil should instead act on a long-published inquiry which had shown that an investigation had stopped when the name of deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami had emerged, Labour stressed.


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