The current political climate would be different had the government not dragged its feet on the introduction of a Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, Partit Demokratiku candidate Godfrey Farrugia said today.

Addressing a press conference outside Parliament, Dr Farrugia said the government had delayed the introduction of a commissioner for the entire legislature.

“Ask yourselves why? I’m sure you can come to your own conclusions,” the former government whip said.

The press conference was held for the newly formed party to reiterate its proposals for Constitutional reform.

The party is calling for appointments to autonomous bodies to no longer be at the discretion of the Prime Minister, but for these to be approved by two-thirds of the House of Representatives.

This should also be the case for the appointment of future presidents, which are currently chosen by the Prime Minister, following consultation with the leader of the Opposition.

The Constitutional Court, the party believes, also be “supreme” and conflicting laws should, therefore, be abrogated.

Persons of trust should also no longer be appointed in government entities and should be limited to ministries. 

MPs should have the option to be full or part time, and they should never be able to sit on boards as this could conflict with their parliamentary role.

Finally, the Permanent Commission against Corruption should have a sum committee empowered to investigate corruption allegations and present evidence in court.

All these proposals form part of the Forza Nazzjonali electoral manifesto.


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