Updated 2.50pm with PL statement

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has formally asked the Attorney General for a copy of the full Egrant inquiry report

In a statement issued on Monday, the Nationalist Party leader said he had written to Attorney General Peter Grech and urged him to pass on a copy of the report. 

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had a copy of the inquiry in its entirety due to him having asked for the inquiry in the first place, but that state of affairs placed the government at a distinct advantage over the Opposition, Dr Delia said. 

The PN urged Attorney General Peter Grech to "not be complicit in this imbalance" by passing on a copy of the full inquiry report. 

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Dr Grech's office published the inquiry's principal conclusions and closing comments yesterday but held back from releasing the report in its entirety, arguing that making unpublished sections public would violate the privacy of some individuals and could compromise "related investigations." 

Meanwhile, the Labour Party hit back and said that the Opposition leader should understand that the prime minister and his family suffered a blatant disadvantage for 15 months because of a lie and falsified documents. 

Joseph Muscat had made it clear that he wants the inquiry published in full because there is nothing which can alter the magistrate's clear conclusions, PL said in a statement. 

Meanwhile, the man behind fanning the lie still formed part of the PN parliamentary group despite the verdict given by the people and the court. 

"Adrian Delia can put his mind at rest that the inquiry, which embarrasses the PN, should be published right away if it was solely the Prime Minister's decision."


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