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  • Take care of your hands

    Take care of your hands

    What can be found in a woman’s handbag? Keys, a cell phone, a wallet, a signature lipstick… And what else? A hand cream, which she takes out of her bag several times a day. With hands that are constantly busy and ‘challenged’ by frequent washing,...

  • Fresh and lively

    Fresh and lively

    Mont Blanc’s Legend Night has aromatic notes of clary sage and peppermint, enhanced with cool spices (cardamom) and sparkling bergamot, which set the fragrance’s fresh and lively tone. The opening is bright, like the natural radiance of our man aura.

  • Why more men are wearing makeup than ever before

    Why more men are wearing makeup than ever before

    The male beauty business is booming. Shutterstock   Male grooming is now a multi-billion pound worldwide industry, thanks to a growing number of men spending more on their appearance. Face wash, moisturiser, pore strips and hair removal products...

  • How to spring clean the right way

    How to spring clean the right way

    Although I don’t particularly believe in new year’s resolutions, I do believe in the power of new beginnings ​and fresh starts. The reality is that many of us hold onto things for way too long, be they feelings, grudges or clothes, which is why I...

  • Undefined is my definition

    Undefined is my definition

    Parfois has launched its spring-summer campaign – which makes one stop and think about the labels we apply throughout our lives. A modern vision of the world and of what it means to be a woman, the campaign seeks to break boundaries and follow the...

  • Denim, the versatile closet must-have

    Denim, the versatile closet must-have

    On March 8, Lidl and Heidi Klum will be launching the third ‘Esmara by Heidi Klum’ collection, #Letsdenim, for the first time also inclusing a children’s range After the launch of two successful fashion collections in 2017, Lidl and Heidi Klum...

  • Glamour and female empowerment

    Glamour and female empowerment

    The new Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère is built around the eloquent pair of jasmine, the emblem of Carolina Herrera, and tonka, an intoxicating and surprising note. The combination of wood – sandalwood – with flowers – ylang ylang and jasmine – is...

  • New Prada woman

    New Prada woman

    Prada Candy Gloss applies layers of olfactives to create a rich and uplifting new expression of the Prada woman. The core is a sweet base, where vanilla-like almond is infused with the sensual tenderness of musk, then encased in another sweet...

  • New generation of foundation

    New generation of foundation

    Chanel has created Le Teint Ultra, a new generation of foundation designed to meet the demands of active women: those who expect an impeccable complexion in all circumstances. With its texture so light that it blends perfectly with each contour of...

  • Unleashing the magic

    Unleashing the magic

    To unleash the magic of Sublimage once again, it took a great deal of effort and passion, 15 years of research and know-how and a precious treasure, an exceptional raw material: vanilla planifolia. For the first time, Sublimage L’Extrait de Crème...

  • What to buy from the sales

    What to buy from the sales

    As a seasoned sale veteran, I’ve learnt a lot about what to do and more importantly not to do when faced with the kind of discounts that make saying No particularly challenging. Of course, not all sales are born equal and neither are all wares.

  • Fashion brands for him, her and junior 

    Fashion brands for him, her and junior 

    NOOS, Malta’s latest one-stop fashion store, treated new customers to a red carpet launch during the festive season. Guests were spoilt with Far Eastern delicacies prepared by Genki Asian Café, while enjoying drinks in NOOS’ own bar on the top...

  • Trendy make-up case

    Trendy make-up case

    Exclusive design, elegant details and a unique personality characterise the Owl, a trendy and irresistible make-up case by Pupa. It features a wealth of products for face, eye and lip make-up of Pupa Milano quality which is rigorously made in Italy.

  • For the truly competitive

    For the truly competitive

    Mont Blanc Legend Nuit is an intense and persistent fragrance that expresses Scuderia Ferrari’s charisma: dedicated to those who are truly competitive. The sparkling and trendy top notes of Italian lemons, pineapple and crispy apple encounter the...

  • Maltese designer at Serbia Fashion Week

    Maltese designer at Serbia Fashion Week

    On November 25, Maltese de­signer Rosemarie Abela showcased her latest collection at Serbia Fashion Week. This opportunity was made possible as part of an ongoing collaboration between Malta Fashion Week and Serbia Fashion Week. Every year, a...

  • New Year, real me

    New Year, real me

    An acquaintance of mine recently broke up with her boyfriend; this would hardly be of any interest to anyone except for her nearest and dearest if it weren’t for the way she had conducted the entire relationship on social media. You see, this...

  • Made for sportsmen

    Made for sportsmen

    Dirk Bikkenbergs is a fragrance for sportmen, men of style, who are modern and powerful. Dirk aims directly at consumers searching for a premium sports brand offering a high-quality product. The new perfume embodies the virtue and masculinity of...

  • Hand cream reinvented

    Hand cream reinvented

    With hands that are constantly busy and ‘challenged’ by frequent washing and damaged by the environment, pollution, sun, wind and cold, it is essential to take care of them to preserve their beauty and youthfulness. Inspired by the beautifying...

  • Where did you get that hat? Meghan wows the fashionistas on Christmas Day

    Where did you get that hat? Meghan wows the fashionistas on Christmas Day

    Meghan Markle gave a boost to another Canadian fashion brand when she attended her first Christmas church service with the royals. Prince Harry's fiancee wore a £986 long camel-coloured wrap coat in baby alpaca wool by Sentaler, which boasts "as...

  • Winter collection at sale prices

    Winter collection at sale prices

    Lulu Boutique is celebrating the festive season by offering its winter collection at sale prices this Christmas – so preparing one’s wardrobe while saving money. The winter collection leaves nothing to be desired. It offers the best pieces for the...