• FM’s Mrs Nanna Kola

    FM’s Mrs Nanna Kola

    Although she may have spent some of her life looking up at everyone else, Nanna Kola – the dame in FM Theatre’s panto at the beautiful Teatru Manoel – is not to be messed with. This merry lady is nanny to Sleeping Beauty herself, the lovely Aurora.

  • MADC’s Madame: It’s Lady Frakasst

    MADC’s Madame: It’s Lady Frakasst

    As a woman who knows what she wants, Lady Frakasst – the dame in this year’s MADC panto Jack and the Beanstalk who is not so much a real lady as a lady of the night – has one thing on her mind: money. She puts her hopes in her son Jack – but he’s...

  • How’s your year been?

    How’s your year been?

    The Comedy Knights have created their unique way of looking at Malta and the Maltese. Here, in a satirical, high-end fashion shoot-style spread, they give us a taster of what’s to come in their sixth show, let’s talk about six!, and help us take a...

  • Junglebook – the Catholic Institute panto

    Junglebook – the Catholic Institute panto

    Junglebook – the Panto by the Teatru Rjal Company – is being staged at the Catholic Institute, Floriana. The cast is made up of Rodney Gauci, Brian Farrugia, Alexia Micallef, Louis Andrew Cassar, Julie Pomorski, Jeffrey Scicluna, Kevin Paul...

  • Diversity by Maria Somers

    Diversity by Maria Somers

    Palazzo De Piro in Mdina is hosting an exhibition by Maria Somers until December 31. Through Diversity, Somers is presenting a varied series of figurative, floral and abstract paintings which can be interpreted in different ways with hidden meaning.

  • Watch: The stateless society (ARTE)

    Watch: The stateless society (ARTE)

    In a calm corner of Amsterdam, Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof is building a new nation: Bitnation. With her gang of libertarian coders, the founder of this ‘Virtual State’ aims to render traditional nation states obsolete and radically change social...

  • Ballet from China

    Ballet from China

    The Guangzhou Ballet is world-renowned for its outstanding artistic performance, characterised by excellent technique and passionate style. And now, Maltese audiences have the opportunity to experience this artistry first-hand during a performance...

  • The book that grew to be an action movie

    The book that grew to be an action movie

    Mortal Engines tells the story of a mysterious young woman, Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar), who is the only one who can stop London – now a giant, predator city on wheels – from devouring everything in its path. Yes, you read that right. “The biggest...

  • Lives up to expectations

    Lives up to expectations

    Mary Poppins Returns5 starsDirector: Rob MarshallStars: Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben WhishawDuration: 130 minsClass: UKRS Releasing Ltd I will confess unapologetically that Mary Poppins Returns is one of the films I have been looking...

  • Gearing up for more laughter

    Gearing up for more laughter

    As director Wesley Ellul gears up for The Comedy Knights’ Let’s Talk About Six!, he takes a trip down memory lane with Iggy Fenech to discuss how a satirical show turned into a cultural phenomenon that continues to break its own records every...

  • Exhibition in aid of Hospice Movement

    Exhibition in aid of Hospice Movement

    Maltese artist Anna Galea is exhibiting a number of works in a solo exhibition titled Stills, in aid of the Malta Hospice Movement. Galea, who is currently based in Dubai, is best known for her abnormally large floral watercolours, though she is...

  • Panto’s great showman

    Panto’s great showman

    Fans of Malcolm Galea are in for a treat this Christmas – the veteran comedian has written and directed this year’s panto Jack and the Beanstalk, and he is even taking on the hilarious role of the Narrator. He tells Jo Caruana about why he’s...

  • Two entertaining performances

    Two entertaining performances

    Every year, children’s festival Żigużajg rolls around and every year I have to confess I tend to be somewhere else. There’s no little theatre lover in my life to ferry around from one section of the well-attended festival to another, though it’s...

  • Sanctifying Frida Kahlo

    Sanctifying Frida Kahlo

    This year’s blockbuster exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum is that not-to-be-missed experience presenting Mexican artist Frida Kahlo as never seen before. A communist at heart, Kahlo had survived polio at young age, and a near fatal...

  • Sexual assault case against Steven Seagal dropped

    Sexual assault case against Steven Seagal dropped

    Hollywood action star Steven Seagal will not face prosecution after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was 17, prosecutors said. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said time had run out to pursue the case...

  • Finding the light in the darkness

    Finding the light in the darkness

    TheatreGawgaw: Panto in the DarkEsplora Planetarium Hall It has been a long time since I’ve been in pitch darkness – years in fact, and I have certainly never found myself in a situation where I’d be seated with a small circle of other people, in...

  • Strong words, great expectations

    Strong words, great expectations

    Sitting in his studio in far-off Byron Bay, Australia, with a corrugated-iron roof, and canvases lined up behind him, Christian Palmer is quiet, and not easily drawn to speak about his work. It’s very early in the morning over there, while Malta...

  • Christmas découpage at the Malta Postal Museum

    Christmas découpage at the Malta Postal Museum

    Creative sessions will take place at the Malta Postal Museum make-and-take workshops tomorrow. During the session children can try their hands at making their own baubles or some other small decorative object. The organisers will provide all the...

  • Sculpture exhibition by Chris Ebejer

    Sculpture exhibition by Chris Ebejer

    Over the course of centuries artists created impressive sculptures with the intervention of fire. Fire, the ninth solo exhibition of artist Chris Ebejer at the Banca Giuratale in Gozo, explores the technique of fire in relation with sculptural...

  • The best of vertical dance

    The best of vertical dance

    Italian performance company Il Posto will be giving breathtaking shows at St George’s Square tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, transforming the iconic Grandmaster’s Palace façade in St George’s Square with a spectacular vertical choreography,...