• Effective leadership in financial services

    For decades, the banking industry had been one of the most resistant to change. However, over the past years, this sector has grown to become one of the most dynamic. There are various forces impacting this industry, including increasing consumer...

  • Investing in talent

    Investing in talent

    How central are human resources to KPMG’s success? Human resources are at the centre of everything we do at KPMG in Malta – they are our greatest asset. The success of our firm is dependent upon the quality of our people. Quality is not only...

  • A great day at the office

    A great day at the office

    Malta is successfully attracting foreign direct investment. What spillover effect is this having on sectors such as real estate? Foreign direct investment has resulted in the leasing of office space and residential homes to foreigners, who have...

  • Plenty of silver linings

    Plenty of silver linings

    Being able to access our resources from anywhere makes us more efficient, says Anton Cristina, CSL Data Center Services executive director. Locally, what is the take-up of cloud services? In the local market, the adoption rate of new technologies...

  • Are you happy with your IT system?

    Are you happy with your IT system?

    No one expects their IT system to do the impossible. However, we know what sort of information we are storing in our IT systems and all we want is to be able to access that information in a useful format, without manual intervention, wherever we are.

  • All work and some play

    All work and some play

    If there’s one good thing that open-plan offices did, it was to banish the old style offices to the box room. The popularity of open-plan layouts in the 1980s and 90s meant that gone were the days when management would lock themselves up in the...

  • A big idea condensed

    A big idea condensed

    The humble paper clip, tungsten filament and silicon chip: sometimes, the biggest ideas are found in the smallest things. In today’s reality, the prospect of a large luxury vehicle, although attractive, can’t always be materialised in practice.

  • Everything surrounds you

    Everything surrounds you

    Our vision is to create an ideal environment that offers a high-quality lifestyle and an excellent space to do business, says Peter Diacono, Pendergardens CEO. The local economy is performing well, especially in the financial services, real estate...

  • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind

    There are various advantages of having peace of mind and someone taking care of your needs, says Alfredo Muñoz Perez, Mapfre Middlesea Group CEO. Locally, how has insurance penetration developed in recent years? This depends on whether we are...

  • Female participation in the workforce

    Female participation in the workforce

    PKF’s ongoing research on female participation in the workforce is inspired by recent findings by the National Statistics Office, which show that in Malta the highest female activity rate was recorded in 2014, at 52.1 per cent. This rate has...

  • Ambitions for growth

    Ambitions for growth

    Are Maltese becoming more aware of their insurance needs? We believe they are, although it’s a slow process. As a company we feel it’s part of our role to help people understand the financial stability gained from insuring one’s investments.

  • Making a move

    Making a move

    Any budding entrepreneur will tell you that the first few years after starting a business are always the hardest, with tough decisions to make. Valery Bollier and Violet Kulewska tell Claire Caruana how relocating their business to Malta helped...

  • Providing tools for doing business in Malta

    Providing tools for doing business in Malta

    While being exciting, moving or starting a business in a new market can be a challenging prospect no matter your experience in world markets. HSBC Bank Malta understands this and has dedicated significant commitment to create tools for businesses...

  • Finding the right location

    Finding the right location

    Economic competitiveness translates into the ability of a region or city to attract and retain businesses. When seeking inward investment, regions and cities compete aggressively to market and promote their competitive advantages. In a globalised...

  • Achieving a paperless office: reality or myth?

    Achieving a paperless office: reality or myth?

    We all know the potential benefits of a paperless office: it would make our business more efficient, we would not lose any data, we could analyse better the information that we collect, clear the shelves from excess filing, and maybe even reduce...

  • Holding a strong position

    Holding a strong position

    To maintain the growth in the financial services sector, we must continue to be innovative, says Joe Bannister, Malta Financial Services Authority chairman. How is the local financial services sector performing? The financial services sector in...

  • Cooperating with our clients

    Cooperating with our clients

    The market for office printers and multifunction products has been fiercely contested for years, especially because it is nowadays widely acknowledged that modern digital machines managed by complex yet easy-to-use software are a catalyst for any...

  • Winning solutions

    Winning solutions

    The eBusiness Awards are now in their fifth edition. What changes are you introducing this year? From one edition of the awards to the next, we try to keep tabs on the local ICT scene so as to ensure that the award categories chosen are relevant...

  • Always be prepared

    Always be prepared

    In business, you need to have vision and the courage to follow your instincts, says business advisor and multinational entrepreneur Reinhold Karner. As his plane approached Malta and started its descent, Reinhold Karner looked out of the window.

  • Effective management and succession planning

    Effective management and succession planning

    The strength of a successful first generation family business is often the vision, energy, tenacity and experience of the original, together with its ability to adapt since it does not have complex governance structures. However, as the family and...