• Watch: The King's Singers' 50th (ARTE)

    Watch: The King's Singers' 50th (ARTE)

    The King’s Singers celebrate their 50th anniversary with a special concert as part of the Schwetzingen festival in the glorious Saint-Pancrace church. On the programme works by Ludwig Senfl, Hans Leo Hassler, Johannes Brahms, Max Reger, Toru...

  • Watch: Pomerania with Palm Trees (ARTE)

    Watch: Pomerania with Palm Trees (ARTE)

    Pomerade is Brazil’s most German town: Over 70% of its inhabitants can trace their roots to colonists coming from German Pomerania in the 19th century. Germanic culture is very much alive in the region.

  • Watch: Not without my car? (ARTE)

    Watch: Not without my car? (ARTE)

    The human population is growing and becoming more metropolitan: By 2050 two thirds of the world population will live in cities. How can we stay mobile and avoid congestion in the mega-cities of tomorrow?

  • Watch: Colombia's guerrilla movements (ARTE)

    Watch: Colombia's guerrilla movements (ARTE)

    In Colombia, there is a guerrilla movement as old as FARC, but still in action: the National Liberation Army or ELN.

  • Watch: Who owns Jerusalem (ARTE)

    Watch: Who owns Jerusalem (ARTE)

    In December 2017 US president Donald Trump declared that America would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The holy city for Muslims, Christians and Jews is as politically contested as ever.

  • Watch: The male menopause (ARTE)

    Watch: The male menopause (ARTE)

    The menopause is a crucial moment in women’s lives whereas the andropause, which affects men, is less well-known. A focus on the latest scientific advances on the subject.

  • Watch: Angola's poverty divide (ARTE)

    Watch: Angola's poverty divide (ARTE)

    After 38 years of repressive government, President Eduardo Dos Santos has left a country with a struggling economy hit by the fall in oil prices and an engrained nepotism present at all levels of government. Today all eyes are on new president...

  • Watch: Life after Daesh (ARTE)

    Watch: Life after Daesh (ARTE)

    Islamic State might have gone in Raqqa, their erstwhile capital, but the city of 300,000 inhabitants lies in ruins. Leila Mustafa, the new mayor, is barely 30 years old and has a tough task to rebuild.

  • Watch: The Spanish crisis (ARTE)

    Watch: The Spanish crisis (ARTE)

    Spain is experiencing a crisis: Catalonia, its wealthiest region has unilaterally declared independence. A study of the geopolitics and history that has led to this moment.

  • Watch: Cash or card? (ARTE)

    Watch: Cash or card? (ARTE)

    Even though card payments are always increasing; many people still prefer to pay in cash. But it’s expensive to keep notes and coins in circulation especially with the added costs of detecting counterfeits. Should we get rid of cash altogether?

  • Watch: Trump's wall (ARTE)

    Watch: Trump's wall (ARTE)

    Donald Trump’s wall is now world-famous and even before construction has started, it already divides people in America. In Southern Texas ARTE Reportage meets two people with entirely different viewpoints.

  • Watch: Power on the big screen (ARTE)

    Watch: Power on the big screen (ARTE)

    A look at how filmmakers represent power on screen with Roman Polanski (The Writer), Armando Ianucci (In the Loop), Robert Guédigan (The Last Mitterand), Bertrand Tavernier (The French Minister), Pierre Schoeller, (The Minister) and Adam Price...

  • Watch: Europe's most beautiful gardens (ARTE)

    Watch: Europe's most beautiful gardens (ARTE)

    Landscape gardener Jean-Phillippe Teyssier takes us to Europe’s most beautiful gardens. The gardens of the Villa Gamberaia, overlooking Florence from Settignano, were created in the 17th century by a rich Florentine merchant family. Although they...

  • Watch: Recycling and upcycling (ARTE)

    Watch: Recycling and upcycling (ARTE)

    What if we could reuse and repair things rather than just throw them away? Belgium is leading the way in implementing a collection system that can give a second life to unwanted products.

  • Watch: Housing shortage in Europe (ARTE)

    Watch: Housing shortage in Europe (ARTE)

    Cities all over Europe suffer from housing shortages which increases house prices and rents. What solutions can we find to tackle this central problem for city-living? Xenius goes in search of the homes of the future.

  • Watch: Who does the sea belong to? (ARTE)

    Watch: Who does the sea belong to? (ARTE)

    Does the Gulf of Piran belong to Slovenia or to Croatia? A 2017 EU tribunal sided with Ljubljana giving the Slovenes fishing rights over most of the bay. This decision was rejected by the Croatians who claim sovereignty over half of the disputed...

  • Watch: Are we prepared for catastrophe? (ARTE)

    Watch: Are we prepared for catastrophe? (ARTE)

    Survivalists or Preppers are people ready for imminent catastrophe: Be it terrorist attack, natural disaster or nuclear war, these men and women take practical measures to survive the future chaos that awaits us...  

  • Watch: The discovery of America (ARTE)

    Watch: The discovery of America (ARTE)

    The year 1492 marks the European discovery of America and the end of the medieval period. Although to truly understand this year we need to dig deeper…

  • Watch: The naked mole's quirks (ARTE)

    Watch: The naked mole's quirks (ARTE)

    Unique amongst mammals, as they live in colonies underground, the naked mole rat is of particular interest to science.

  • Watch: Endangered species in the North Pacific (ARTE)

    Watch: Endangered species in the North Pacific (ARTE)

    New Zealand, isolated in the Pacific Ocean, is an evolutionary laboratory with unique indigenous species. Once common, flightless birds such as the Kiwi are now critically endangered due to the introduction of European predators. Today the...