• WATCH: UFOs in Roswell (ARTE)

    WATCH: UFOs in Roswell (ARTE)

    In 1947, the US Air Force announced the discovery of a crashed flying disc in the Roswell area of ​​New Mexico. What happened next is now legendary.

  • Watch: Beth Ditto's comeback (ARTE)

    Watch: Beth Ditto's comeback (ARTE)

    Gossip fans rejoice: Beth Ditto is making a comeback! With a new album, the fiery singer is launching her solo career. Beth performs with all of her characteristic energy, humour and unforgettable voice.

  • Watch: Does death penalty have a place in democracy? (ARTE)

    Watch: Does death penalty have a place in democracy? (ARTE)

    Is the life of a killer as valuable as that of the victim? Does the state have a right to kill in response to a killing? And above all, does the death penalty have its place in a democracy? Raphaël Enthoven speaks with the philosopher Benoît Basse...

  • Watch: Election land (ARTE)

    Watch: Election land (ARTE)

    Michel Masson is 58 years old. He is a farmer. He kept a tree - just one, a walnut tree - in his rapeseed field the size of seven football pitches. Like him, it is one of the last of a dying breed.

  • Watch: The power of respect (ARTE)

    Watch: The power of respect (ARTE)

    What inspires "respect"? What do we demand when we demand it? Is it a right or something that is earned? Raphaël Enthoven discusses the issue with Danielle Moyse and Brice Girardot, professors of philosophy and French.

  • Watch: The woman who poisoned her father (ARTE)

    Watch: The woman who poisoned her father (ARTE)

    By revisiting contemporary reporting of events, this documentary series revisits historic crimes that made history. In August 1933, Violette Noziere, 18, killed her father using poisoning in Paris. Why did she do it?

  • Watch: Catalonia's Independence (ARTE)

    Watch: Catalonia's Independence (ARTE)

    Embittered by the Franco years, Catalans want nothing to do with their once-Fascist countrymen and women. ARTE Reportage speaks to independentistas, moderate Catalans, and entrepreneurs who fear the economic consequences of self-determination, as...

  • Watch: Birth of a serial killer (ARTE)

    Watch: Birth of a serial killer (ARTE)

    The Victorian press was breathless with horror and excitement at the brutal killings perpetrated by a man that came to be known as Jack the Ripper. Never found, he continues to haunt the British imagination to this day.

  • WATCH: Gamers who make millions (ARTE)

    WATCH: Gamers who make millions (ARTE)

    Professional gamers have gone through playing video games for 10 years or more in their humble teenage bedrooms, to playing in front of packed stadiums. They have tens of thousands of fans around the world.

  • Watch: Brainless but happy (ARTE)

    Watch: Brainless but happy (ARTE)

    Ten years after The Night of the Living Dead, Romero directed Dawn of the Dead, a criticism of the consumer society and its zombified consumers. However, the film's greatest achievement, the film, highlights one of the paradoxes of modern...

  • Watch: Zombie Invasion (ARTE)

    Watch: Zombie Invasion (ARTE)

      The Zombie is the most popular monster of the 21st century! The proof? Part of Donald Trump's campaign strategy was based on it. His adviser, Jared Kushner, suggested they air his anti-immigration ad campaign during the breaks of The Walking Dead.

  • WATCH: Making cheese the traditional way (ARTE)

    WATCH: Making cheese the traditional way (ARTE)

    In Campania, the Barlotti siblings are on a mission to keep the family cheese factory open. It has been producing the famous mozzarella di bufala for generations, as well as ricotta, scamorza and provolone.

  • WATCH: Explosions on the sun (ARTE)

    WATCH: Explosions on the sun (ARTE)

    A volcano looks like its exploding, arches of lava flying up to the sky... a look at our sun as we've never seen it before.

  • Watch: After the earthquake (ARTE)

    Watch: After the earthquake (ARTE)

    In August 24, 2016, an earthquake in Italy killed 300 people and wiped a village off of the map. Hundreds of thousands of tons of debris still litter the Amatrice region in central Italy, one year after a devastating earthquake. Many survivors are...

  • Watch: Iraq - Year Zero (ARTE)

    Watch: Iraq - Year Zero (ARTE)

    A look at the lives of ordinary people struggling to survive in Mosul. In the liberated quarters, east of the city, Hamudi, a young orphan, struggles to survive by collecting waste. A volleyball teacher and his pupils rediscover joys that were...

  • Watch: Killing on video (ARTE)

    Watch: Killing on video (ARTE)

    Trinity and Thomas Gaon, a psychologist, cheerfully kill each other in Call of Duty 4, and then team up to destroy their enemies. Sounds healthy to you? In this episode, Trinity tries to understand why we enjoy killing characters in video games so...

  • Watch: Syrian refugees in London (ARTE)

    Watch: Syrian refugees in London (ARTE)

    ARTE reportage jounalists followed a group of Syrian refugees from the jungle to Arab Street, London, where they try to put back together the world they've just lost.

  • Watch: Ukraine - the conflict of war (ARTE)

    Watch: Ukraine - the conflict of war (ARTE)

    In three years, this 'low intensity' conflict has caused more than 10,000 deaths. Every day sees skirmishes along the front line of nearly 800 kms. But in this war, artillery is not the only weapon: there's also music.  

  • Watch: Macy Gray in concert (ARTE)

    Watch: Macy Gray in concert (ARTE)

    On stage at La Cigale, Macy Gray presents her new album, Stripped. In her inimitable, soft and broken voice, she revisits her greatest hits with very jazzy arrangements.

  • Watch: Does gaming cause loneliness? (ARTE)

    Watch: Does gaming cause loneliness? (ARTE)

    Video games are often full of action and face-to-face showdowns. But sometimes they can also leave the player alone with his thoughts, giving him or her a sensation of solitude and the space for introspection. Melek analyses the genre with three...