• Watch: The bride market in Bulgaria (ARTE TV)

    Watch: The bride market in Bulgaria (ARTE TV)

    In Bulgaria, near the Bachkovo monastery, a very particular market takes place once a year where generations of Kalajdzii Roma have met their future life-partner.

  • Watch: When abused women revolt (ARTE TV)

    Watch: When abused women revolt (ARTE TV)

    In Romania, violence against women is a huge problem. After 15 years of abuse from her husband, Raluca killed her husband with a knife and was convicted of murder. Her case is just one of many.  

  • Watch: What is beauty? (ARTE TV)

    Watch: What is beauty? (ARTE TV)

    What is beauty and why do we strive to live up to our era’s ideals of beauty? Does beauty only reside in our physical appearance?

  • Watch: A medical revolution (ARTE)

    Watch: A medical revolution (ARTE)

    The story of antibiotics, from their accidental discovery by Alexander Fleming in 1928 to today where antibiotic treatment is becoming less effective.

  • Watch: A virgin territory? (ARTE)

    Watch: A virgin territory? (ARTE)

    Amazonia has long been considered by academics as virgin territory where no ancient civilisation left its mark. Recent excavations in French Guiana have questioned this theory.

  • Watch: Edgar Moreau with the Toulouse orchestra (ARTE)

    Kazuki Yamada conducts the Toulouse National Orchestra in an all French programme. Promising young cellist Edgar Moreau is the soloist for Saint-Saëns’ Cello Concerto No. 1. Ravel’s Suite No. 2 from Daphnis et Chloé and his famous Bolero complete...

  • Watch: Calais again (ARTE)

    Over nine months Yann Moix filmed in Calais, documenting the experiences of migrants trying every day to board lorries bound for Britain, the police trying to disperse the migrants and ordinary Calais residents caught in the middle of a situation...

  • Watch: The Pamir highway (ARTE)

    Watch: The Pamir highway (ARTE)

    The M41 road crosses the Pamir mountain range linking Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, with Biskek the capital of Kyrgyzstan. A stunning route into a little known part of central Asia.

  • Watch: Chachapoyas: Living with the Dead (ARTE)

    Watch: Chachapoyas: Living with the Dead (ARTE)

    The Chachapoyas of Peru fascinate archaeologists and historians. Between the 8th and the 16th centuries this reputedly fierce warrior people practiced an unusual mortuary ritual.

  • Watch: Video refereeing football games (ARTE)

    Watch: Video refereeing football games (ARTE)

    Video assisted refereeing is being used for the first time at the World Cup 2018, dividing football fans. Lukas Brud general secretary of the International Football Association Board believes it will make refereeing more accurate whereas sports...

  • Watch: Bob Dylan's America (ARTE)

    Watch: Bob Dylan's America (ARTE)

    Following in the footsteps of America’s great songwriter. In 1961 Bob Dylan left his native Minnesota for New York’s Greenwich Village where digs were cheap and opportunities to perform plentiful.

  • Watch: Joakim Dj Set at the Villa Aperta Festival in Rome (ARTE)

    Watch: Joakim Dj Set at the Villa Aperta Festival in Rome (ARTE)

    Joakim’s sound universe encompasses disco, indie rock, traditional music, as well as Chicago House, Detroit Techno and even classical music. An avid record collector, his sets are known for their eclecticism.

  • Watch: Trade routes of the East (ARTE)

    Watch: Trade routes of the East (ARTE)

    A voyage along the legendary trade routes of Asia full of history and diverse cultures. This journey along the ancient Grand Trunk Road begins in the teeming metropolis of Calcutta during the Hindu festival of Durga Puja.

  • Watch: Denis Matsuev performs in Milan (ARTE)

    Watch: Denis Matsuev performs in Milan (ARTE)

    Russian pianist, Denis Matsuev is the soloist for this concert performed outside in Milan’s central square. Riccardo Chailly and the Scala Orchestra perform two classics: Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 and Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an...

  • Watch: Bjork and opera in Berlin (ARTE)

    Watch: Bjork and opera in Berlin (ARTE)

    Close up on Sheffield in the North of England, this episode’s metropolis. Also in the programme, Pina Bausch’s dance theatre in Wuppertal reinvents itself, Wim Wenders’ new film about the pope, Björk’s album Vespertine inspires an opera and French...

  • Watch: Art in paradise (ARTE)

    Watch: Art in paradise (ARTE)

    Property developer Jun Lu, with his sun Xun, created the Sifang Art Museum by inviting twenty architects from all over the world to build a house on their land. The only stipulation was that it must have four bedrooms and a surface area of five...

  • Watch: Record breakers (ARTE)

    Watch: Record breakers (ARTE)

    With 50,000 world records within its pages, the Guinness Book of Records is a global best seller. Focus on the men and women who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, sometimes even by putting their lives at risk.  

  • Watch: Being alone together (ARTE)

    Watch: Being alone together (ARTE)

    More than 9 million people in Britain feel often or always lonely, accorded to a 2017 report. Faced with this problem, PM Theresa May has created a minister for loneliness to encourage community projects.

  • Watch: North Korea - Kim's Men (ARTE)

    Watch: North Korea - Kim's Men (ARTE)

    How is it possible for one of the world’s poorest countries to develop nuclear weapons?

  • Watch: Beer and its myths (ARTE)

    Watch: Beer and its myths (ARTE)

    Beer is one of the most popular drinks worldwide and many myths surround it. Does it really make hair shiny, help to recover after a marathon and keep winter colds at bay? Xenius provides the answers and challenges our preconceptions.