• Watch: Between two worlds (ARTE)

    Watch: Between two worlds (ARTE)

    Douglas is a small town in Arizona on the border with Mexico. Locals cross the frontier all the time and the mayor of Douglas talks of ‘one community’ straddling the two countries. How is this balance affected by president Trump’s hard-line...

  • Watch: Arctic Monkeys live in Lyon (ARTE)

    Watch: Arctic Monkeys live in Lyon (ARTE)

    We’ve seen them progress from fresh-faced wunderkinds to giants of the rock scene: The British four-piece led by Alex Turner play in the majestic surroundings of the open air Ancient Theatre of Fourvière in Lyon, recorded in July 2018.

  • Watch: Street art in Bogota (ARTE)

    Watch: Street art in Bogota (ARTE)

    Artists have come from all over the world to make their mark on the streets and walls of Bogota, Colombia’s increasingly cosmopolitan capital. The city has a very welcoming attitude towards graffiti artists, although this was not always the case:...

  • Watch: The stateless society (ARTE)

    Watch: The stateless society (ARTE)

    In a calm corner of Amsterdam, Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof is building a new nation: Bitnation. With her gang of libertarian coders, the founder of this ‘Virtual State’ aims to render traditional nation states obsolete and radically change social...

  • Watch: Resistance in the church (ARTE)

    Watch: Resistance in the church (ARTE)

    President Rodrigo Duterte was elected on a promise to eradicate drug trafficking in the Philippines. Two years after gaining power and with at least 20,000 deaths linked to a ferocious government policy of hunting down drug-addicts and former...

  • Watch: An operatic thriller (ARTE)

    Watch: An operatic thriller (ARTE)

    One moment the singer Floria Tosca is standing on the stage, next moment she is the key figure in a deadly political intrigue sparked by jealousy and the craving for power. Giacomo Puccini’s thriller continues to captivate audiences to this day.

  • Watch: The Cat Empire (ARTE)

    Watch: The Cat Empire (ARTE)

    The Cat Empire hail from Melbourne and have been performing their unique brand of ska-jazz fusion since 1999.

  • Watch: Reviewing Italy's Salvini (ARTE TV)

    Watch: Reviewing Italy's Salvini (ARTE TV)

    Can the populist alliance of the Northern League and the Five Star movement lead to the implosion of the European Union? This documentary interviews government leaders Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, their critics and opponents as well as Steve...

  • Watch: Aeropostale - 100 years on (ARTE)

    Watch: Aeropostale - 100 years on (ARTE)

    100 years ago the pioneering Aéropostale Company was the ambitious project of Pierre-George Latécoère. He wanted to link Europe to South America with an airline that would reach down to Patagonia…

  • Watch: Discovering Père-Lachaise (ARTE)

    Watch: Discovering Père-Lachaise (ARTE)

    The Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris is famous as being the final resting place of great figures such as Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust and Jim Morrison. But it is also a surprisingly diverse natural habitat, a hidden biosphere in the heart of Paris.

  • Watch: Discovering Uruguay Part 2 (ARTE)

    Watch: Discovering Uruguay Part 2 (ARTE)

    Discovering Uruguay in two parts. This second episode takes us to Cabo Polonio, a small coastal settlement far from civilisation. The hippy inhabitants here live off-grid with no running water, in harmony with nature.

  • Watch: Metropolis - Monaco (ARTE)

    Watch: Metropolis - Monaco (ARTE)

    Metropolis visits Monaco and asks what sort of cultural scene exists in the wealthy principality. Also in the programme, a focus on Canadian artist Chilly Gonzales and could the German city of Chemnitz be European capital of culture 2025?

  • Watch: Discovering Uruguay (ARTE)

    Watch: Discovering Uruguay (ARTE)

    Discovering Uruguay in two parts. The journey begins in the relaxed capital, Montevideo, before moving on to visit the wine region around San Gregorio de Polanco.  

  • Watch: An Italian Journey (ARTE)

    Watch: An Italian Journey (ARTE)

    As a special correspondent for Successo magazine, Pier Paolo Pasolini travelled the length of the Italian coast in summer 1959, documenting a changing society. This documentary follows Pasolini’s route down the long road of sand.

  • Watch: Privacy and social media (ARTE)

    Watch: Privacy and social media (ARTE)

    Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are part of daily life for many of us. And yet the owners of these networks collect an enormous amount of information about its users which can be exploited, as the recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal as shown.

  • Watch: Enfants Terribles of Rock (ARTE)

    Watch: Enfants Terribles of Rock (ARTE)

    In March 2016 the ex-enfants terribles of rock performed in Paris, twelve years after their infamous break up due to internal conflict around lead-singer Pete Doherty’s substance abuse. The British four-piece play tracks from their acclaimed 2015...

  • Watch: Rhino Dollars (ARTE)

    Watch: Rhino Dollars (ARTE)

    In March 2017 a rhinoceros was killed in a French zoo for its horn. An isolated incident in Europe but a daily occurrence in the rhino’s habitat in Africa. A documentary on the booming black market in rhino horns, fuelled by demand from China and...

  • Watch: Gilberto Gil in concert (ARTE)

    Watch: Gilberto Gil in concert (ARTE)

    Living legend Gilberto Gil is one of Brazil’s most cherished musicians. In this performance he revisits his 1977 album Refavela, a mix of bossa nova, funk and samba.

  • Watch: The Guča Trumpet Festival (ARTE)

    Watch: The Guča Trumpet Festival (ARTE)

    One of the most fascinating music festivals in Europe, the Guča Trumpet Festival in Western Serbia brings together Balkan brass bands to compete for the coveted Golden Trumpet award in a carnival atmosphere.

  • Watch: Ghost buildings (ARTE)

    Watch: Ghost buildings (ARTE)

    All around the world empty houses, dilapidated castles and evacuated towns are invaded by wild animals and nature. These buildings seem to exist in a purgatory stage before slowly merging into the natural environment...