• Watch: The queen of crime (ARTE)

    Watch: The queen of crime (ARTE)

    A pioneer of crime fiction, Agatha Christie is the world’s best-selling and most-translated novelist. The creator of much loved characters such as Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot was an independent and adventurous woman with an eventful life.

  • Watch: Muslim marriages in England (ARTE)

    Watch: Muslim marriages in England (ARTE)

    Many young Muslims in Europe get married quickly as, without this union, Islamic law forbids them to be together. In Britain, Muslim marriages have to be registered in order to be legally valid but 60% remain unregistered and unrecognised by law.

  • Watch: Cold war in warm waters (ARTE)

    Watch: Cold war in warm waters (ARTE)

    Since the Suez Canal opened in 1869 the Red Sea has connected three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. As a crucial world shipping route from East to West, regional and world powers are keen to keep a presence on its coasts

  • Watch: Gay in Russia (ARTE)

    Watch: Gay in Russia (ARTE)

    Being gay in parts of the Russian federation means living in fear of your life. A reportage about the volunteers who aid gay people, mostly from the Caucasus, to flee to less dangerous countries.  

  • Watch: A refugee's paradise (ARTE)

    Watch: A refugee's paradise (ARTE)

    Uganda has a unique refugee policy: Refugees, arriving mostly from Sudan and DR Congo, are not placed in camps, instead they are given small plots of land to build a home and to cultivate.

  • Watch: The Guča Trumpet Festival (ARTE)

    Watch: The Guča Trumpet Festival (ARTE)

    One of the most fascinating music festivals in Europe, the Guča Trumpet Festival in Western Serbia brings together Balkan brass bands to compete for the coveted Golden Trumpet award in a carnival atmosphere.

  • Watch: Journalists in danger (ARTE)

    Watch: Journalists in danger (ARTE)

    In Montenegro, journalist Marko Vesovic investigates links between government and organised crime. A dangerous task in a country where journalists being beaten or shot is not unheard of.

  • Watch: Martin Grubinger in performance (ARTE)

    Watch: Martin Grubinger in performance (ARTE)

    Martin Grubinger, one of the world’s foremost percussionists performs ‘Speaking Drums’ by Hungarian composer Peter Eötvös with the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Marko Letonja. Also on the programme, Beethoven's 7th and 8th...

  • Watch: Inside a cop's head (ARTE)

    Watch: Inside a cop's head (ARTE)

    Policemen in France have a duty of silence: the rule is, don't complain, Don't show outwardly how bad things are. But seven policemen have decided to speak out about the everyday frustrations of their job that exposes wider social problems.

  • Watch: Divorce Italian style (ARTE)

    Watch: Divorce Italian style (ARTE)

    The anti-establishment Five Star movement and the far-right Northern League won the last election in Italy and now form a coalition government. This choice seems to reveal a deep resentment towards European institutions. Why does a founding member...

  • Watch: Europe's last dictatorship (ARTE)

    Watch: Europe's last dictatorship (ARTE)

    A state where the president Alexander Lukashenko has ruled for over 20 years, where opposition leaders and human rights activists are intimidated and imprisoned and where a climate of fear in civil society prevails.

  • Watch: The independence of Kosovo (ARTE)

    Watch: The independence of Kosovo (ARTE)

    Kosovo declared independence a decade ago. Recognised by some states, although not by the UN due to Russian opposition, what has become of Europe’s youngest country?  

  • Watch: What does transparency hide? (ARTE)

    Watch: What does transparency hide? (ARTE)

    Transparency is needed to build trust, but where does transparency end and voyeurism begin? Raphaël Enthoven discusses the issues with the investigative journalist Fabrice Arfi and Denis Olivennes, President of the French media group Lagardère...

  • Watch: After Boko Haram (ARTE)

    Watch: After Boko Haram (ARTE)

    Boko Haram has targeted Chad since 2015 with attacks and suicide bombings but the country, in alliance with its neighbours, waged war on the terrorist organisation, seriously weakening it. Many Boko Haram fighters have put down their arms and wish...

  • Watch: Dream women (ARTE)

    Watch: Dream women (ARTE)

    Disconcertingly real, life-size silicon dolls are becoming more popular. Originally conceived as sex toys, for some single men they are now full-time companions

  • Watch: God save Russia (ARTE)

    Watch: God save Russia (ARTE)

    Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, head of the rapidly expanding Russian Orthodox Church is one of the most influential men in Russia. Allied with Vladamir Putin, the ambitious Patriarch is working for a Russia of conservative values. This documentary...

  • Watch: The Jewish man and his village (ARTE)

    Watch: The Jewish man and his village (ARTE)

    After 80 years exiled in Argentina, Hans Bär returns for the first time to his home village of Wohnbach which he left, aged 14, fleeing the Nazi regime.

  • Watch: Föllakzoid at La Route de Rock (ARTE)

    Watch: Föllakzoid at La Route de Rock (ARTE)

    What happens when a photographer, a festival organiser, and a film director make music together? An unknown sound object that breaks with all moulds... Föllakzoid are at home in Chile, but their music seems to come straight out of space.

  • Watch: Los Angeles from the skies (ARTE)

    Watch: Los Angeles from the skies (ARTE)

    Viewing world cities from a new perspective, from above. In Los Angeles, the sprawling urban conurbation’s rooftop spaces are used for landing helicopters, holding parties and even bird watching.

  • Watch: Ellen Allien rocking out (ARTE)

    Watch: Ellen Allien rocking out (ARTE)

    Anyone even mildly interested in techno cannot have missed Ellen Allien, a major figure on the Berlin scene. Active since the early 1990s in the German capital as producer, DJ and founder of the BPitch Control label which launched the careers of...