• Watch: US far-right extremism reborn (ARTE)

    Watch: US far-right extremism reborn (ARTE)

    Donald Trump presides over a country with deepening divisions where rising far-right extremism is bitterly opposed by civil rights activists. And where memory of the Civil War has never faded.

  • Watch: Gay rights violations in Ecuador (ARTE)

    Watch: Gay rights violations in Ecuador (ARTE)

    Anti-discrimination laws protecting gay people are enshrined in the Ecuadorian constitution. Yet in this religious country so called rehabilitation clinics offer “treatments” to cure men and women of their homosexuality with shocking levels of...

  • Watch: Jamiroquai's comeback (ARTE)

    Watch: Jamiroquai's comeback (ARTE)

    Throughout the 1990s Jamiroquai provided us with smooth soulful tracks fit for any party like You Give Me Something and Cosmic Girl. Let’s hope that this gig marks his big comeback...

  • Watch: Serenading La Serenissima (ARTE)

    Watch: Serenading La Serenissima (ARTE)

    Guided by the journalist and writer Alberto Angela, we take a special journey through the Venetian night, taking in La Serenissima’s artistic and architectural treasures.

  • Watch: Revolutionising artists (ARTE)

    Watch: Revolutionising artists (ARTE)

    William Turner and John Constable were the two great landscape painters of nineteenth century Britain. This is the story of how their fierce competition changed their art and revolutionised the way the British view their landscape.

  • Watch: Protecting nuclear stations from terror attacks (ARTE)

    Watch: Protecting nuclear stations from terror attacks (ARTE)

    The security of nuclear power stations is a closely guarded state secret as there is a real risk from terrorism. This captivating and alarming documentary raises the question: are our nuclear sites safe from attack?

  • Watch: Are terror attacks spawning more private security? (ARTE)

    Watch: Are terror attacks spawning more private security? (ARTE)

    With recent terrorist attacks in Nice, Berlin, London and Barcelona the fear of terrorism is growing across Europe and there is increasing demand for private security. Can they really provide more protection? And does their presence lead to less...

  • Watch: An alternative to protein (ARTE)

    Watch: An alternative to protein (ARTE)

    Without protein human beings would not exist. However as meat and milk production use so much energy, Xenius looks at alternatives to these traditional sources of protein that are both healthy and environmentally friendly.

  • Watch: Copenhagen's vision (ARTE)

    Watch: Copenhagen's vision (ARTE)

      A former fishing village along the Sund strait, Copenhagen has become a visionary capital for sustainable development.

  • Watch: All about France's graffiti (ARTE)

    Watch: All about France's graffiti (ARTE)

    One of France’s best graffiti artists welcomes us into his studio. Fascinated by calligraphy L'Atlas mixes the contemporary and the classical in his work.

  • Watch: On bananas and republics (ARTE)

    Watch: On bananas and republics (ARTE)

    The humble banana funded empires. Between 1899 and 1989, the United Fruit Company planted bananas in Central America. An illuminating look at one of the world's first multinationals.

  • Watch: Free electricity for Chile (ARTE)

    Chile is at the forefront of solar power making the most of the arid sunny climate of its northern regions by creating vast solar power stations in the desert. These installations are proving so successful that Chile can provide free electricity.

  • Watch: Europe at sea (ARTE)

    Watch: Europe at sea (ARTE)

    In a thought-provoking film, the director Annalisa Piras follows the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini over two years of upheaval. A serious documentary on a determined politician's attempts to overcome Europe’s multiple challenges with...

  • Watch: A pervy cinema? (ARTE)

    Watch: A pervy cinema? (ARTE)

    After WW2, many train stations had to be rebuilt; originally a canny way of financing them, cinemas were drawn into the plans. Thus the strange world of German railway cinema came to life: a place for movies that would never make it anywhere else,...

  • Watch: Libya's endangered heritage (ARTE)

    Watch: Libya's endangered heritage (ARTE)

    Last summer, UNESCO ranked five Libyan sites on its list of "endangered" masterpieces. In an unstable country where two Parliaments and two rival governments clash, rival armed militias roam near priceless ancient sites. And the threat of IS is...

  • Watch: The world of vintage (ARTE)

    Against a backdrop of ecological crisis and recycling, mass production, and the desire to be unique, rare, patinated jackets are the new luxury. A glimpse into the world of vintage leather, a thriving market.

  • Watch: The After War (ARTE)

    Watch: The After War (ARTE)

    The peace agreement between the government and the FARC has been ratified, but the end of the Marxist guerrillas has already given birth to another monster. The drug traffickers are a new player in Colombia's latest chapter of violence.

  • Watch: Is eSports sexist? (ARTE)

    Watch: Is eSports sexist? (ARTE)

    Though the men's finals attract several thousand spectators, the women's finals only see a few hundred. So is eSports sexist?

  • Watch: The power of sport (ARTE)

    Watch: The power of sport (ARTE)

    Rotem Genossar believes in the power of sport to foster integration and citizenship, and that's why he's founded a sports club for asylum seekers.

  • Watch: Head to Head (ARTE)

    Watch: Head to Head (ARTE)

    The multiplayer mode in gaming lets you play against your family, your friends, and even people you've never met before. How does playing against a real person change how you view the game, and how you play?