• Watch: Aboard the Aquarius (ARTE)

    Watch: Aboard the Aquarius (ARTE)

    In January 2018 Italian photographer Stefano De Luigi went out to sea with the migrant rescue ship Aquarius. This film records his experiences on board.

  • Watch: Colombia, looking for peace (ARTE)

    Watch: Colombia, looking for peace (ARTE)

    Colombia signed an historic deal with the FARC in 2016 ending over 50 years of armed struggle. But keeping the peace is not easy. Violence is appearing in formerly FARC controlled areas with the issue of access to farming land proving crucial.

  • Watch: Monasteries of Europe (ARTE)

    Watch: Monasteries of Europe (ARTE)

    Monks and nuns reveal the secrets and treasures of their monasteries. This episode focuses on monasteries by water: the famous Mont-St Michel, the Benedictine convent on Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, Hautecombe Abbey in south-east France and the...

  • Watch: Treasures of Berlin's Museum Island (ARTE)

    Watch: Treasures of Berlin's Museum Island (ARTE)

    Berlin’s museum island, the German capital’s cultural centrepiece on the Spree, houses a wealth of cultural artefacts from all over the globe and from the stone age to the present day. A step inside its great institutions to marvel at its...

  • Watch: Metropolis, Genoa (ARTE)

    Watch: Metropolis, Genoa (ARTE)

    A visit to the maritime city of Genoa, in the wake of the Morandi Bridge collapse. Also in the programme the Munich Kunsthalle’s exhibition on optical illusion in art, nature photographer Markus Mauthe meets indigenous peoples, a visit to Dutch...

  • Watch: Justice, lies and videotape (ARTE)

    Watch: Justice, lies and videotape (ARTE)

    In the United States it is becoming increasingly common for defendants to spend large sums of money for ‘sentencing videos’. These short films, produced professionally, present the accused in the best possible light in an attempt to persuade...

  • Watch: Culture Club's legacy (ARTE)

    Watch: Culture Club's legacy (ARTE)

    For many, Culture Club epitomised 1980s pop music with global hits such as ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?’ and ‘Karma Chameleon’. They take to the Berlin Live stage as part of an international tour promoting their new album ‘Life’.  

  • Watch: The world is their office (ARTE)

    Watch: The world is their office (ARTE)

    Peter and Supi are digital nomads, they travel the world seeing new places and meeting new people, working only when they want via their laptops and a wifi connection. But is quitting the nine to five as good as it seems? Report on the advantages...

  • Watch: Surfers against trauma (ARTE)

    Watch: Surfers against trauma (ARTE)

    New approaches to treating post-traumatic stress are coming to light. In Britain a pioneering initiative by the Cornwall-based charity Surf Action, introduces veterans suffering from PTS syndrome to surfing.  

  • Watch: Revolution by Women (ARTE)

    Watch: Revolution by Women (ARTE)

    The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, also known as Rojava, managed to free itself from Syria in 2011 during the upheaval of war. Since this revolution, won by both men and women, a peaceful society is forming where women have taken up...

  • Watch: Mexico's La Bestia (ARTE)

    Watch: Mexico's La Bestia (ARTE)

    Every year 400,000 people from Central America traverse Mexico, a journey of some 2500 kilometres, to try to pass into the USA illegally. The quickest way to get there is by hitching a ride on the roof of what the migrants have nicknamed ‘La...

  • Watch: Cinema against suicide (ARTE)

    Watch: Cinema against suicide (ARTE)

    Wapikoni Mobile is a non-profit media organisation created to give young indigenous Canadians a voice and as a way of battling alarmingly high youth suicide rates in First Nation communities. By helping 15 to 35 year olds to make their own films...

  • Watch: Utopia in reality (ARTE)

    Watch: Utopia in reality (ARTE)

    In one Kibbutz in the Israeli Arabah desert, residents can meet all their needs whether they take part in collective work or not, and there is no compulsion to do so. After 42 years of existence has the founding principle of this community,...

  • Watch: Digital stress (ARTE)

    Watch: Digital stress (ARTE)

    In a world of ever increasing stimulus, where being permanently online is becoming the norm, how can we manage stress? Xenius looks at solutions to stress in the digital age.

  • Watch: Between two worlds (ARTE)

    Watch: Between two worlds (ARTE)

    Douglas is a small town in Arizona on the border with Mexico. Locals cross the frontier all the time and the mayor of Douglas talks of ‘one community’ straddling the two countries. How is this balance affected by president Trump’s hard-line...

  • Watch: Arctic Monkeys live in Lyon (ARTE)

    Watch: Arctic Monkeys live in Lyon (ARTE)

    We’ve seen them progress from fresh-faced wunderkinds to giants of the rock scene: The British four-piece led by Alex Turner play in the majestic surroundings of the open air Ancient Theatre of Fourvière in Lyon, recorded in July 2018.

  • Watch: Street art in Bogota (ARTE)

    Watch: Street art in Bogota (ARTE)

    Artists have come from all over the world to make their mark on the streets and walls of Bogota, Colombia’s increasingly cosmopolitan capital. The city has a very welcoming attitude towards graffiti artists, although this was not always the case:...

  • Watch: The stateless society (ARTE)

    Watch: The stateless society (ARTE)

    In a calm corner of Amsterdam, Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof is building a new nation: Bitnation. With her gang of libertarian coders, the founder of this ‘Virtual State’ aims to render traditional nation states obsolete and radically change social...

  • Watch: Resistance in the church (ARTE)

    Watch: Resistance in the church (ARTE)

    President Rodrigo Duterte was elected on a promise to eradicate drug trafficking in the Philippines. Two years after gaining power and with at least 20,000 deaths linked to a ferocious government policy of hunting down drug-addicts and former...

  • Watch: An operatic thriller (ARTE)

    Watch: An operatic thriller (ARTE)

    One moment the singer Floria Tosca is standing on the stage, next moment she is the key figure in a deadly political intrigue sparked by jealousy and the craving for power. Giacomo Puccini’s thriller continues to captivate audiences to this day.