Russian bombers, fighters intercepted off Alaska

US fighters intercepted six Russian military aircraft in international airspace west of Alaska, and shadowed them...

Watch: UK MPs to get vote on second referendum in new Brexit bill

Brexit bill will include requirement to hold vote on whether or not to have second referendum

Vatican steps into controversy of keeping Frenchman alive

Doctors put life support systems after surprise court order

UN envoy warns of 'long and bloody war' in Libya

Calls for immediate steps to cut off arms flows

Google v Huawei hits millions of smartphone users

Huawei users will start losing access to Google's services such as Gmail and Maps

Life support resumes for vegetative Frenchman after court order, lawyers say

Vincent Lambert resumes feeding, after doctors had halted his nutrition

US warns Chinese drones may steal data: report

Move follows ban on Huawei links

EU leaders sound alarm over populist election threat

Two days before voting begins in European parliamentary elections, national leaders are scrambling to mobilise...

Monsanto kept 'watch lists' in seven EU countries

German chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer said Tuesday that US seeds and pesticides maker Monsanto, which...

Sea levels could rise by as much as 2 metres by 2100 – study

'Lower probability, but still plausible'

Christchurch attacker charged with terrorism

Attacker now faces 51 charges of murder, 40 of attempted murder

Austrian far-right ministers to resign en masse amid 'Ibiza-gate' fallout

Corruption scandal has brought down the government

Doctors start halting support for vegetative Frenchman

Vincent Lambert, 42, was left with severe brain damage in a traffic accident in 2008

Eiffel Tower evacuated after climber spotted

Police have made contact with the climber

Scandal dogs populists as EU vote nears

Polls show 173 eurosceptic and europhobic members could be elected

Swedish prosecutor issues formal request to hold Assange on rape suspicion

Wikileaks protagonist currently imprisoned in Britain

Prison riot in Tajikistan leaves 32 dead

Jail holds 1,500 inmates

Rights groups seek UN investigation into Indian Kashmir 'torture'

Report says tens of thousands were tortured over last 30 years

Vegetative Frenchman set to lose life support amid final challenge

Decade-long case had divided France

Trump: if Tehran attacks, it will be 'official end of Iran'

'Never threaten the United States again'