Watch: Metro could generate €300 million a year

Konrad Xuereb sees it as complementary to other public transport systems

Watch: 'Remove the George Cross and relocate colonial monuments'

The British took much more from Malta than the French, historian says

Watch: 'They say we help smugglers... but they're the ones financing them'

Daniel Mainwaring on volunteering at sea and his grandfather Dom Mintoff

Watch: Horrors at sea, hypocrisy on land

Maltese/American Sea-Watch volunteer Daniel Mainwaring opens up

Watch: ‘Grow a thick skin,’ President advises her successor

Marie Louise Coleiro Preca says being a woman made her presidential stint harder

Watch: 'The unfair attacks on me' - President

Coleiro Preca on being a woman, Pilatus Bank, her legacy...

Watch: 'Valletta 2018 was a missed opportunity,' says former mayor

Alexiei Dingli says commercial interests are trumping those of residents

Watch: Quality of life in parts of Valletta has worsened

Stepping down after serving for 10 years as the mayor of Valletta, Alexiei Dingli is concerned that the quality...

Watch: ‘Stop baptising newborns, remove Catholicism reference from constitution’

Bishops should move out of churches, go to the people - Fr Rene Camilleri

Watch: 'This is how we need to change the Church'

Outspoken cleric discusses 'outdated' practices

Watch: Don't call party-owned media 'fake news'

Sociologist Godfrey Baldacchino on #TimesTalk

Watch: Fake news and what it means to be Maltese

Full interview with Godfrey Baldacchino to appear on Wednesday morning

Watch: Gozo tunnel will be built and run by the private sector

Fourth ferry would be leased, not bought, Franco Mercieca tells Times Talk

Watch: ‘Paceville masterplan was dropped for commercial interests’ - KTP head

Simone Vella Lenicker says skyline policy needed as soon as possible

Watch: New head of the Kamra tal-Periti laments uglification of Malta

Full interview to be uploaded on Wednesday

Watch: 'Delia has to act, and act quickly'

Robert Musumeci discusses the PN leader and his own planning role on Times Talk

Watch: Robert Musumeci defends his 'friend' Adrian Delia

The architect and lawyer on PN turmoil and his own successful practice

Watch: ‘I will not resign” – Delia rejects claims he’s pulling PN down

'I'm a victim, not the perpetrator,' he replies to WhatsApp leaks

Watch: Adrian Delia combative amid party upheaval

PN leader fields questions on political future

Watch: Of monsters, sluts, tribalism... and turning leaders into bishops

The second part of the best Times Talk moments of 2018