Facebook rolls out its Watch video service internationally

Social media platform takes on YouTube, Netflix and other video services

To tax or not to tax?

Are funds raised in an ICO taxable, asks Chris Grech.

Get smarter

A propriety Distributed Ledger Technology can revolutionise societies and businesses.

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Sigma updates

Draft Kings reveals plans to open offices in VEGAS DraftKings has announced plans to...

A brave new world

Is Sweden the global catalyst for mainstream crypto-enabled iGaming, asks Mike Reaves, CEO and co-founder of CashBet.

Google is tracking you even when you tell it not to, lawsuit alleges

Search giant sued for violating privacy laws

The blockchain island

What are the opportunities for foreign investors, asks Dennis Mark Gauci.

Better safe than sorry

Your business needs a data backup strategy, yesterday, says Dale Schembri, product marketing executive at BMIT.

Playing a central role

Malta has been established as a pioneering jurisdiction for the emerging blockchain community, says Katy Micallef.


How will blockchain technology change the future of business, asks Ben Jordan.

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The joy of text

Surya Maneesh from SMS Warriors gives some step-by-step tips on using SMS for successful lead generation.

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Sigma updates

Global Gaming receives licence in Estonia EMTA (Estonian Tax and Customs Board) has...

Meet blockchain’s co-inventor

W. Scott Stornetta is widely recognised as one of the founding fathers of Blockchain...

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Sigma updates

Pragmatic Play takes content live with Bede Gaming platform Pragmatic Play, the...

The changing face of risk management

Both regulators and businesses have a much better idea of what risks are key to address, Ben Jordan says.

Ensuring your compliance team has optimal efficiency

An essential part of a KYC and AML compliance solution is transaction monitoring – software designed to...

Brilliant return

The gaming landscape has changed a lot since the 2009 release of Demon’s Souls, a third-person combat and...

Public or private?

Matthew Scerri, lead developer with KPMG software, outlines the difference between public and private blockchains.

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Why would anyone play slot games?

When I got my first job at an online casino, I couldn’t entirely understand why so many people found slot...

Listen through this

The much-loved British audio brand has added to its wireless headphone range with the Marshall Major III...