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33rd Sunday in ordinary time: The true apocalypse

Today’s readings: Daniel 12, 1-3; Hebrews 10, 11-14.18; Mark 13, 24-32. The coming of...

Our youth, our future, our hope

Our younger generation will, at some distant point in the future, take over the reigns of society in all its...

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Quotes and news - November 18, 2018

Relevance of the Eucharist

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32nd Sunday in ordinary time: The novelty of Jesus

1 Kings 17, 10-16; Heb 9, 24-28; Mark 12, 38-44. Today’s gospel is the climax of St...

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A new world economic order

Pope Francis was clearly justified to make the economy one of his first priorities in 2013. We were experiencing...

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Quotes and news - November 11, 2018

Loving God and neighbour

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31st Sunday in ordinary time: The essence of religion

Today’s readings: Deuteronomy 6, 2-6; Hebrews 7, 23-28; Mark 12, 28-34. The profession of...

Towards a more inclusive Church

Practically every time I am invited to lunch by a family I am asked to say grace. Each time I decline. In the...

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Quotes and news - November 4, 2018

‘Help the world rise up again’

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30th Sunday in ordinary time: Re-visioning our ministry

Today’s readings: Jeremiah 31, 7-9; Hebrews 5, 1-6; Mark 10, 46-52. Jericho was the last...

A Church for the future

The writing is on the wall. Churches, seminaries and convents are becoming emptier. Respect for the Church in...

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Quotes and news - October 28, 2018

Church called to ‘go to the peripheries’

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29th Sunday in ordinary time: Saving the world

Isaiah 53, 10-11; Hebrews 4, 14-16; Mark 10, 35-45. The gospel today tells me black on white...

In constant need of conversion

In the wash of the seemingly endless reports of sexual abuse by members of the clergy in the Catholic Church,...

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Quotes and news - October 21, 2018

An open Church not a judgemental one

Celebrating St Aloysius’ College Foundation Day

About 1,500 students and staff at St Aloysius’ College’s primary, secondary and sixth form last...

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28th Sunday in ordinary time: The grace of detachment

Today’s readings: Wisdom 7, 7-11; Hebrews 4, 12-13; Mark 10, 17-30. The expression that...

Vatican II is the real target

The attacks on Pope Francis have recently increased in number and callousness. Right-wing Cardinal Raymond Burke...

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Quotes and news - October 14, 2018

More accountability

Archbishop Emeritus leads annual pilgrimage to Lourdes

Archbishop Emeritus Paul Cremona led the annual pilgrimage in Lourdes, organised by the Lourdes Voluntary...