All shook up: Elvis keeps Aussie outback town alive

Hotels full for Elvis festival

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A novel rendition of the Queen classic goes viral

Japan's convenience stores to ditch porn mags ahead of Olympics

7-Eleven will phase out by summer

Tourist killed as window falls from Hong Kong hotel

Cleaner arrested, released on bail

Liverpool's Milner sent off by his former PE teacher

The midfielder and referee had some common history

Total lunar eclipse woos sky watchers

Moon was fully eclipsed before being lit with red glow

Use your noodle: Tokyo metro offers free food to ease crowding

Those who take earlier trains will get free food

Passengers shiver through 13-hour ordeal on Canadian tarmac

Bitterly cold temperatures of some -30 centigrade caused a door to freeze

Watch - Basket case!: Mourinho admits he hid in a laundry basket to skirt ban

Very special laundry

Watch: One of the largest sharks on record spotted off Hawaii

6-metre shark believed to be at least 50 years old

Japan satellite blasts into space to deliver artificial meteors

A rocket carrying a satellite on a mission to deliver the world's first artificial meteor shower blasted into...

Trump stops Democratic speaker from travelling to Afghanistan

President gave shutdown as motive

Israeli museum removing 'McJesus' after Christian protests

An art exhibit depicting a fast-food clown nailed to a cross is to be taken off display at an Israeli art museum...

Banksy in Tokyo? City launches probe

Drawing of rat holding umbrella intrigues the Japanese

Canadians send a slice of solidarity to air traffic controllers

Cheesy gesture welcomed by New Yorkers

That Viking feeling: Iceland 'thunderclap' takes Asian Cup by storm

The bone-shaking "Viking thunderclap" made famous by Iceland fans at Euro 2016 has become a smash hit in the most...

Bird sparks a flap on Singapore to London flight

[video type="youtube" src=""][/video] A...

Holy smoke: Croatian bishop accidentally shoots hunter

Man's life not in danger

Shaving company ad tries to change macho culture

Gillette gets millions of hits for its new video campaign

As shutdown bites, Trump foots bill for fast food feast for football team

Pays for pizza, burgers and fries