Trump stops Democratic speaker from travelling to Afghanistan

President gave shutdown as motive

Israeli museum removing 'McJesus' after Christian protests

An art exhibit depicting a fast-food clown nailed to a cross is to be taken off display at an Israeli art museum...

Banksy in Tokyo? City launches probe

Drawing of rat holding umbrella intrigues the Japanese

Canadians send a slice of solidarity to air traffic controllers

Cheesy gesture welcomed by New Yorkers

That Viking feeling: Iceland 'thunderclap' takes Asian Cup by storm

The bone-shaking "Viking thunderclap" made famous by Iceland fans at Euro 2016 has become a smash hit in the most...

Bird sparks a flap on Singapore to London flight

[video type="youtube" src=""][/video] A...

Holy smoke: Croatian bishop accidentally shoots hunter

Man's life not in danger

Shaving company ad tries to change macho culture

Gillette gets millions of hits for its new video campaign

As shutdown bites, Trump foots bill for fast food feast for football team

Pays for pizza, burgers and fries

Beaten by an egg: Kylie Jenner's Instagram record

US social media star and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has had her world record for the most-liked image on Instagram...

No deal Brexit could lead to bathroom emergencies

Toilet roll shortage could see stocks wiped out

China envisions moon base after far-side success

Facilities would be 3D printed

Thailand to make it rain as pollution chokes Bangkok

Capital is currently the 10th most polluted city in the world

Canadian Atlantic village seeks help with seal invasion

A Canadian Atlantic coast town asked for help from the federal fisheries department on Wednesday to help get rid...

Striker, aged 51, renews contract

'King Kazu' will kick off his 34th career season this year

Sniffer dog overdoses while screening boat party passengers in Florida

K-9 pup Jake is expected to make a full recovery

Sanitary pad record in India to promote menstrual hygiene

Over 10,000 pads used to create awareness

Dutchman lies down on top of unexploded wartime bomb to protect others

Authorities say doing so is 'strictly ill-advised'

Narrow miss for New Zealand dinghy as huge liner looms

Dinghy had run out of fuel in the path of the cruise ship

Monkeying about: Japan macaques on high-wire stroll go viral

Clip viewed over a million times already