Red faces in London as Foreign Secretary discusses Russia with prankster

[video type="youtube" src=""][/video] Britain's Foreign...

Cake message censored after computer thinks one word is a profanity

Hyphens replace 'Cum' in Latin phrase

Man tried to kill his wife by tampering with her parachute

A British Army sergeant has been found guilty of attempting to murder his wife by tampering with her parachute...

Sheriff forgets her gun in ladies' toilet

Gun was found 10 minutes later by employee

World Cup trophy theft solved after 52 years

Jules Rimet trophy had been stolen while on display before 1966 tournament

Technological attempt to prove whether Loch Ness monster exists

Waters of the lake will be tested for DNA

Traffic lights might advise drivers on getting to next lights at green

Smart signal will suggest optimal speed

Michael Jackson used special shoes for Smooth Criminal tilt

Clever illusion was invested by the singer

Playing dirty: swamp soccer a hit in Russia ahead of World Cup

While FIFA delegations inspect the lawns of the World Cup pitches, one group of soccer enthusiasts has decided to...

Swedish brochure tells people what to do in case of war

Stockholm more concerned over security situation

Taj Mahal turning yellow due to pollution

India's most famous monument, the white marble Taj Mahal, is "dying," according to historians and local guides...

Australia searching for 50 athletes, officials missing after Commonwealth Games

Some athletes did not attend their Commonwealth Games events

Sneaky sneakers for Serena

Tennis star opted for comfort at royal wedding party

Artist breathes new life into old tyres

In his home in Marrakech, artist Lahcen Iwi brings out a cutter and gets to work, slicing up squares of used...

Air traffic controllers give Harry and Meghan the gift of silence

British air traffic controllers gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a rare wedding gift - 15 minutes of...

Harry had to get permission from queen to sport beard at his own wedding

British Army rules do not usually allow beards

Previous Duke of Sussex had two illegal marriages... and a fine singing voice

George III's sixth son was deemed too delicate to join the military

Thai farmers keep snails 'happy' for cosmetic slime

Giant African snails endemic to Thailand are getting the red carpet treatment to keep them producing top-notch...

School prank wins praise after fooling police

Made it look like car had crashed into school

Oklahoma woman killed by pack of seven small dogs

An Oklahoma woman was mauled to death by seven small dogs, most of them possibly a dachshund-terrier...