Man 'tightens' his own nuts with spanner

A man was freed by firefighters in the UK after getting his genitals trapped in a ring spanner. A crew...

Watch: Drama as Egyptian policemen catch baby that fell from third floor window

Incredible quick action that saved a life

Hackers may soon target your...fridge

Computers and mobile phones are not the only devices likely to be targeted by cyber-criminals, with webcams,...

Wearing sunglasses next to Queen branded as "bad manners"

Vogue editor breaks royal protocol at London Fashion Week

Teen handed six months in prison for smuggling Bengal tiger cub into US

A teenager from California has been sentenced to six months in prison for smuggling in a Bengal tiger cub from...

Watch - Ball boy suffers barrage of blows for celebrating a goal

[video type="youtube" src=""][/video] An unfortunate ball boy...

Hilarious examples of gender branding has internet in fits

Bored Panda list packaging that plays to stereotypes

Drunk couple have to call for help after getting entangled with mannequin

Police still clueless as to how men ended up this way

Man jailed after ordering child sex doll

Claimed the doll was going to be his companion and not a sex toy

'Worst Commute' award for woman stuck for two hours desperate for the loo

Award meant to push for subway investment

Japanese father gets custody of his 13 children, born by surragacy

Mothers were Thai

KFC runs out of chicken in the UK

A problem with KFC's new delivery contractor has forced the fast-food chain to close the majority of its 900...

KFC forced to close outlets after it runs out of chicken

New delivery contract had problems

French ice dancer suffers Olympics wardrobe malfunction on live tv

The first notes of Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You had just played when Gabriella Papadakis suddenly became aware that...

Researchers practice living on Mars in Israel's desert

Israeli researchers on Sunday ended a unique experiment, simulating what it would be like to live on...

Swiss couple cycle 10,000 miles to see son compete

A year and 10,000 miles later, a Swiss couple arrived in Pyeongchang last week to watch their son compete in the...

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23 members of a family taken off after days of fighting

Parents of senate candidate donate to son's rival

They both gave $2,700 to Baldwin

Watch: Bungling crook knocks out his accomplice

Video of botched theft goes viral

3D-printed ribs used to rebuild chest of Welshman after tumour removed

Implant is a perfect fit