Being offline biggest frustration in simulated Mars mission

It meant problems took days instead of minutes to solve

Shhhh. The jellyfish are sleeping...

Most ancient creature needs its slumber time

Held in Dubai prison for rude finger sign

Tourist held in a cell with rapists and murderers

Making Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator look puny.

Artificial muscle can lift 1,000 times its own weight

Watch: Helicopter fires on parked vehicles by mistake in Russian war games

No one appears to have been seriously hurt

Betting blunder as dead man touted as next Birmingham manager

Odds were given as 66/1

Botswana wants first option on unusually big diamonds

Second largest ever diamond came from its mines

Snake found trapped inside a bottle in Marsaxlokk

Clean-up volunteers get more than they bargained for

Girl who stabbed classmate to please online horror character avoids prison

Inspired by Slender Man, attacker determined as mentally ill

Koala survives 16 km drive trapped under vehicle

Rescuer says she could smell burnt fur

Ryanair to cancel up to 50 flights per day 'to improve punctuality'

Approximately 285,000 journeys to be impacted

Facebook removes feature that let ads reach 'Jew haters'

Anti-Semitic ad categories removed following ProPublica investigation

Young Muscovites risk life and limb to scale tall buildings

Five seek 'adrenalin rush'

YuMi the robot conducts Verdi with Italian orchestra

Tenor Andrea Bocelli performed Verdi

Watch: Small plane crashes into a parking lot in Connecticut

Surveillance video has captured the moment a small plane hit a tree and crashed to the ground in a Connecticut...

'Monster' fatberg blocks sewer in London

Fatberg made up of wet wipes, nappies and cooking fat blocks London sewer

Monkey's selfie photo court battle ends

Photographer to give quarter of future revenue to monkey charities

Air Berlin cancels 70 flights as pilots call in sick

Eurowings flights also affected

Japan railway lets 30 cats roam to raise awareness of strays

Meowing manifestation to raise awareness about culling

Don't shoot at Hurricane Irma, Florida sheriff warns locals

A sheriff in Florida has warned locals not to shoot at Hurricane Irma, after a spoof Facebook event created by a...