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Russian bombers, fighters intercepted off Alaska

US fighters intercepted six Russian military aircraft in international airspace west of Alaska, and shadowed them...

Gozo is an afterthought for the government - Delia

Gozitans relegated to second class citizens

People do not want negativity - Muscat

Prime Minister says PN hasn't learnt its lesson

One-time payment for 'anomalous situations' suffered by workers as long as 40 years ago

Details about payment to be published one day before elections

Man jailed three years after admitting burglary

Opportunities for reform were not taken up

Watch: UK MPs to get vote on second referendum in new Brexit bill

Brexit bill will include requirement to hold vote on whether or not to have second referendum

Vatican steps into controversy of keeping Frenchman alive

Doctors put life support systems after surprise court order

UN envoy warns of 'long and bloody war' in Libya

Calls for immediate steps to cut off arms flows

Foreign workers are coming in, but they are also leaving

A quarter of foreign workers leave within a year

Mater Dei staff stand in solidarity after migrant murder

Only important culture is 'patient safety'

Google v Huawei hits millions of smartphone users

Huawei users will start losing access to Google's services such as Gmail and Maps

Life support resumes for vegetative Frenchman after court order, lawyers say

Vincent Lambert resumes feeding, after doctors had halted his nutrition

Court clears woman suspected of theft by her mother and grandmother

Magistrate sees possible attempt to seek help for woman's drug addiction

Passenger who tried to export guns escapes with suspended sentence

He was attempting to take weapons to brother who has licence for them

Female squash players given vibrators as prizes in Spanish championship

Outrage over sexist prizes leads to resignations in Asturias

Man grievously injured after ceiling collapses

He was working on the roof at the time

US warns Chinese drones may steal data: report

Move follows ban on Huawei links

Enemed says taking measures to prevent oil seepage into sea

Birżebbuġa site will be decontaminated once storage move to Ħas-Saptan

EU leaders sound alarm over populist election threat

Two days before voting begins in European parliamentary elections, national leaders are scrambling to mobilise...

Beer bottle incident lands man in custody

Protection order issued