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Miriam Dalli is the first MEP elected

Labour candidate gets 51,000 votes

Far-right breakthrough amid 'big' turnout in EU vote

Turnout at 51% was the highest in 20 years

Archbishop planning ‘good neighbourhood’ dinner to foster tolerance and inclusion

A group of young people hailing from Malta, Africa and Asia has been invited

Watch: Delia says his target remains 2022 election

Says PN remains the 'second-biggest' party

Three dead in new attack on Burkina Faso church

Another Catholic church attacked

A ‘100 million’ industry that’s feeling the heat

As foreign competition picks up, egg producers are starting to see the importance of not putting them all in one basket

Two hurt in quadbike crash

Crash happened near Salina

Renault, Fiat Chrysler in talks on alliance

Talks could lead to a merger

Watch: Muscat appeals for national unity as Labour supporters celebrate

Labour leader urges all MEPs to work together

Elections 2019: How key players reacted

Joseph Muscat said he was 'speechless'; Adrian Delia said 'we must not lose heart'

Race to lead Britain out of EU pits old foes

Finance minister even prepared to bring down government to avoid no-deal

Libya's Haftar says to fight until Tripoli 'militias' defeated

Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar, who is leading a military offensive against the UN-recognised government in...

Historic victory for Labour as PN supporters score an own goal by staying away

Pressure on Delia, but deputy leader says game ends with general election

Maurice Mizzi's anti-Muslim tirade sparks calls for dismissal

NGOs say guardian's comments are racist

Iraq warns of 'danger of war' as Iranian FM visits

Iraqi leaders have warned of the risks of war during a visit by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif,...

The girl who walked again

A foundation set up by two Maltese is helping African children with disabilities get the surgery they need to live a...

Israel restores Gaza fishing zone to ease humanitarian crisis

Israel said it eased on Sunday fishing restrictions off the blockaded Gaza Strip with the aim of preventing a...

Parties defy ‘day of reflection’ - Electoral Commission refers to the police

The law was enacted before the advent of the internet

Labour landslide at the polls; protest signs affixed to PN clubs

PL wins MEP election by around 50,000 votes as Delia vows to soldier on

Ireland votes overwhelmingly to relax divorce law provision similar to Malta's

A provision requiring couples to live separately for four out of the previous five years being eased