Alfa Romeo Raduno graces National Aquarium square

Motors Inc. held the official Alfa Romeo Raduno in Qawra featuring 50 astonishing Alfa Romeo models from...

Golden oldies

Joseph Busuttil from the Old Motors Club meets Toby Ross, one of the world’s leading specialists in old French cars.

Prefect past

Joe Scicluna’s passion for the Ford marque started from a black and white photo of a Prefect, says...

Big on small cars

A coincidence led Pierre Spiteri down vintage lane, Joseph Busuttil from the Old Motors Club says.

Adrenaline and coffee with Husqvarna

For many of those not familiar with motorcycling history, the term Café Racer means very little. However,...

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Driving credits

The Dingli family’s passion for vintage cars is earning them silver screen status, Joseph Busuttil from the Old...

Solid performer with charismatic flair

The new SsangYong Rexton, which reached Malta’s shores in early June and is now housed in the SsangYong...

Designs for life

Ronald Muscat Azzopardi uses his trained eye both for his architectural profession and his...

Watch: Tesla goes up in flames in LA

Actress Mary McCormack captures husband's car incident on video

Car mileage: MEPs want action to combat odometer fraud, restore confidence in second-hand car market

Mileage readings should be registered more often, to help detect tampering

Reel to wheel

Old motors add to Malta’s attraction as a filming destination, Joseph Busuttil from the Old Motors Club says.

The gears of history

Vintage vehicles in Indochina give Joseph Busuttil from the Old Motors Club a history lesson.

Watch: A world champion's quest for speed

Aaron Ciantar is redefining the world of powerboat racing.

The race ahead

For Mario Scicluna, it all started with a white MGB, Joseph Busuttil from the Old Motors Club says.

Covering new ground

For a carmaker that presents itself as a safe bet, Hyundai has been successfully adventurous with the new...

Diesel is dead – long live the e-car. But is it?

Unfortunately, the debate over engine types, triggered by the fraudulent diesel scandal of certain manufacturers,...

The real priorities

A health scare pushed Mario Psaila to nurse a passion for classic cars, Joseph Busuttil from the Old Motors Club says.

Why don't electric cars look like the future?

Without the need for an internal combustion engine, an exhaust system and a fuel tank, designers should have the...

Little red number

In Joseph Scicluna’s classic car collection, one particular vintage stands out, Joseph Busuttil from the Old Motors...

Drive appeal

The new Volvo XC40 brings award-winning safety, connectivity and infotainment technologies to the small SUV segment.