Two-thirds of singles in their 20s now live with their parents

Single person needs to earn at least £27,000 in London to live alone

Is there any point in recycling? Analysing the claims

Cans are the most profitable recyclable waste

Half of employers say they are less inclined to recruit obese candidates – it's not OK

There are still many discriminatory practices

There's no Brexit Plan B – this is still Plan May

Next 'meaningful vote' next February

What could the new collider find - and would it be worth the price tag?

Replacement plans for CERN's Large Hadron Collider unveiled

Michelin gives stars back to chef who didn't want them

Sebastien Bras just wanted to enjoy cooking for its own sake

Climate change is making dangerous industries even riskier

Agriculture, construction and fishing all need to adapt

The new soap opera

Artisanal handmade soaps have become big business. Hobbies have become jobs, writes Kevin Pilley

Andrea Vassallo: the self-made brilliant architect

On November 7, 1908, the three members of the Examining Board of Engineers and Architects, by secret ballot,...

Toyota Corolla - The bestseller gets better

The new Corolla sedan is fully engaging

For goodness’ sake

MadokaTriq San ĠorġSt Julian’s

How we model our reality

Older adults tend not to accept change very easily, and that’s because of the model of the world they...

A study of early Hospitaller Malta

Joan Abela:Hospitaller Malta and the Mediterranean Economy in the Sixteenth Century

The short and longtail of it

McLaren extends Longtail series with new 600LT Spider

The Marie Kondo mantra

With a bedroom that oftentimes looks like a cross between Aladdin’s cave and a Turkish bazaar, I am always...

The Willys-Ford Jeep, a war hero that deserved a medal

Lija students hold reunion

A reunion was held for Year 6 students (1985) who were together at Lija Primary School. The event, organised by...

Explainable AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest hype, a buzz word that is thrown in any conversation concerning...

Book presentation

San Anton Palace 360o was recently published in aid of the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation Malta, which was...

Myth debunked: Boy or girl?

There are several myths surrounding the prediction of whether a pregnant woman will be having a boy or a girl....