Flowers everywhere you turn

From flower auctions to flower parades and flower museums, it is no surprise that seven million bulbs are...

The Police and the June 1919 events (Part 1)

This year, Malta marks the 100th anniversary of one of the most significant periods of social unrest in its...

Maltese casualties in the Battle of Jutland – May 31 - June 1, 1916

In the afternoon and evening of May 31, 1916, the Battle of Jutland (or Skagerrakschlact as it is known to the...

No education is just what we don’t need

The temperatures may be rising but what is definitely lowered is my tolerance for ignorance and people being...

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We need to do a lot more on obesity

Ultimately, the condition should be treated as any other disease.

All washed up

SurfsideTower RoadSliemaTel: 2134...

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Catharsis and beyond

Raymond C. Grech:’il barra mill-prIŻMI (beyond the prISMS)A collection of poems;...

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Translation of brilliant French short story writer’s tales

Mademoiselle Perle u AktarTranslated by Toni Aquilina. Published by...

Grand Commandery’s funds recipient honoured with MBE

Leah Pattison, founder of Women in Need (WIN), a UK charity operating in Nagpur, India, was presented with the...

Said ‘I do’ and made a difference

Frank Grima and Sue Rossi tied the knot last month at Our Lady of Mount Carmel church, Valletta, followed by a...

Using AI and the crowd to learn a language

Planning to work in a different country? Or maybe just a summer vacation? There are various reasons why we might...

Myth debunked: Plastic junk

No matter how many times you reuse that single-use plastic water bottle, at some point it will end up with the...

Photo of the week - May 26, 2019

Last week, researchers from the University of Bristol claimed to have cracked the Voynich manuscript, only to...

Checking your phone while shopping can add 41% to your bill

Store owners think they're a distraction, but they seem to have the opposite effect

WHO praises Brazil lawsuit against tobacco giants

AG wants to recover billions spent in past five years treating patients

Earthquakes or tiger attacks: understanding fear can help prevent disasters

Immediate dangers more worrying than indistinct threats

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MFW shows at Fort St Elmo this weekend

Today8pm: Gagliardi9pm: Fiona...

Caring for someone with dementia – stressful but rewarding too

Number of patients set to double by 2051

Zero-carbon electric transport is already in reach for small islands

Barbados is already the third highest user of electric vehicles in the world

Camel milk reduces cell inflammation associated with type 2 diabetes

May not be a genuine 'superfood' but beneficial nevertheless