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Plastic, not so fantastic

EU ban on single-use plastics aims to stop unending stream of plastic pollution making its way into oceans.

A tale of two Delhis: Deadly air exposes rich poor divide

Walls draped in lush vertical gardens and air filtered through purifiers insulate diners at a swanky New Delhi...

World’s largest radio telescope moves from concept to reality

SKA gets global governing body

Short walk once-a-week can lower risk of death

A brisk stroll once or twice a week is enough to reduce the risk of dying from heart attack, stroke or cancer,...

All aboard Italy's 'Trans-Siberian' railway

Destroyed first by the Nazis and then by government cuts, Italy's very own "Trans-Siberian" railway has reopened...

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High potency cannabis, especially when used daily, is "strongly linked" to the risk of developing psychotic...

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Once 6m deep, Lake Aculeo is no more

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Overall number expected to rise due to expanding population