CO₂ capture technology is not the magic bullet against climate change

Use of that captured CO₂ has to be taken into account

Power of persuasion goes way beyond mere advertising

Much is only offered free because we are willing to accept adverts

'World's smallest baby boy' set to go home in Japan

Baby weighed as much as an apple when he was born last October

Why are we so moved by the plight of the Notre Dame?

Cathedral was an icon whose meaning surpassed 'its material self'

Easter: what the Catholic Church teaches about bread and wine

Research shows 52% think of them as symbols

Four simple ways to make life better for tenants

Everyone knows how important it is to have a home. It’s no surprise that being homeless...

Scientists revive brain function in dead pigs

Pig brains can have blood flow and cell function restored even hours after death

Upskirting is illegal - but 1 in 10 men don't think of it as sexual harassment

Case on whether having sex with one's wife is a 'right' has opened fierce debate

Journalism's Assange problem: will it result in attacks against press freedom?

Future of the media relies on upholding standards

Testosterone: why defining a 'normal' level is hard to do

Low levels can impact on many aspects, for both men and women

Half of statins patients don't hit 'healthy' cholesterol levels

Patients respond differently to treatment

Flying cars: automating the skies means playing with our lives

They would operate at same altitudes as light aircraft

Living your dream, one sleep at a time

Hästens beds are a dream combining quality, passion and artisanal execution, says Kristina...

Microplastics found a remote corner of the Pyrenees

Particles could have travelled almost 100km

Type of grass pollen, not count, could be important for allergy sufferers

400 million people worldwide affected

Scientists unveil 'first' 3D print of heart with human tissue, vessels

'Major medical breakthrough'

The Passion statues

It’s been 100 years since the first Good Friday procession in Żebbuġ, Gozo. Carmel Saliba traces its history.

Retrial: errors in judgments

Our system of legal redress adopts a two-tier structure; cases are first heard before and decided upon by the...

Carlo Darmanin: a pioneer in Good Friday iconography

Our forefathers constantly showed interest and devotion during the pious days commemorating the passion, death...

Trip down memory lane

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