British consumers discard 680 million items of clothing a year

Fixing throwaway fashion culture will take far more than a 1p tax

Brexit: journalists must now focus on policy not personalities

Media largely remains quite critical

Making cities more walkable: how other people influence our journeys

Urban planners have much to learn from social influences

What happens to the natural world if all the insects disappear?

Consequences for agriculture and wildlife would be dire

A child’s right to family

There is a saying which goes: “Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and...

Interior design of the future will seem like magic

Smart homes will be getting much smarter

Hugely successful Mars mission is helping us design the next Rover

Opportunity rover has been pronounced dead

Virus-infested fungus could help cut chemical pesticides

With the world needing 2bn tonnes of crops a year, alternative is needed

Lend me your name

The concept of ‘prestanome mandate’ is often misconstrued, perhaps due to the wrong impression had by...

It happened this month: The consecration of St John’s conventual church in 1578

After the great victory of 1565, the Order of St John proceeded with the building of the new city of Valletta....

Are we communicating science effectively?

There are conflicting views of whether science is actually improving our quality of life, and this could possibly...

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Myth debunked: Love at first sight?

Classical romantic movies portray the main character catching the other person’s gaze from across the room,...

First Malta Businesswoman of the Year Award

Natalie Briffa Farrugia is the winner of the first edition of the Malta Businesswoman of the Year Award, capping...

Insurance firm has ‘adopted a notary’

The conservation treatment of the latest volume sponsored by Gasan Mamo Insurance Limited, under the ‘Adopt...

Photo of the week - February 17, 2019

This heart-shaped pink and white flowered plant is native to northern China, Siberia, Korea and Japan. It is a...

Lions Club Mdina celebrates 25th charter anniversary

Lions Club Mdina celebrated its 25th charter anniversary last month with a gala dinner at Villa Arrigo, San Pawl...

Foreign aid: helping the poor - or maintaining power?

Not everyone is convinced that the motive does not matter

Social media doesn't need new regulations – GDPR can do the job

Existing rules can make the internet safer

Face tattoos: a trend that is here to stay?

Face tattoos, once limited to only a very small group of people, have gained new popularity thanks to today's...

Fear of regret can lock us into bad relationships, jobs and habits

Why do we stick to the status quo - even when we know we shouldn't?