Fear of regret can lock us into bad relationships, jobs and habits

Why do we stick to the status quo - even when we know we shouldn't?

Prickly pears: 'humble' cactus brings hope to Algeria

For generations Algerians like the Gueldasmi family have barely eked out a living growing prickly pear fruits,...

Nespresso opens its first customer care centre in Malta

Drive to collect and recycle used Nespresso pods

Polar bear 'invasion': climate change increasing human-wildlife conflicts

If temperatures continue to rise, half of wildlife could be lost

Lovesick on Valentine's? Museum of broken hearts has the antidote

Caption to ordinary objects give whole new meaning to their role

Editing unfinished music is controversial – but it may need to be done

Unfinished works of art offer glimpse of the creative process

World’s largest drum is in space

Till now the largest was considered to be a 5.5m Korean drum

Getting off autopilot: how mindfulness can make you a better driver

Distractions can be dangerous

Valentine’s Day: five ways to ensure your flowers are ethical

From conflict-free diamonds to slave-free chocolate, flowers are the next dilemma

Underground water could take over century to respond to climate change

Billions of people use for drinking and irrigation

Change the way you wash your hair to help the environment

10-minute shower uses as much energy as TV for 20 hours

Adopt an olive tree... and breathe new life into Spanish village

"They're over 500 years old," says Sira Plana proudly as she points to Oliete's olive groves, many of which are...

Rising seas: to keep humans safe, let nature shape the coast

Instead of fighting erosion with sea defences, use nature

The court’s calculator

A judgment delivered on January 10, 2019 in the names of Alfred Cuschieri v Mary Louise Refalo (577/10GM) Civil...

Emoji are becoming more inclusive, but not necessarily more representative

230 new ones to be added this year

Malta’s aristocracy

The peerage in Malta consists of the Maltese nobility together with the holders of bona fide foreign titles, writes...

But who was the first Maltese photographer?

I believe we all got it wrong. So far, everyone (that includes me) accepted as gospel truth the...

St Paul's Shipwreck church cries out for a helping hand

The historic Valletta church 'exists in humidity', says priest who is trying to save it

Creative romance

Kristina Cassar Dowlingfinds that Valentine’s Day love doesn’t need to grow in the usual places.

Cynthia de Giorgio awarded Sovereign Military Order medal

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta honoured Ms Cynthia de...