Remembering Mgr John Sladden on the centenary of his birth

“My life does not have any other purpose than to be with you all day, to rejoice and to weep with you....

Gozitan history in the making: 1,000 issues of Il-Ħajja f’Għawdex

Considering the notion of double-insularity and the fact that from various perspectives, Gozo has been and is...

If science be the food of love, play on

From War of the Worlds to Frankenstien to Bertolt Brecht’s Galileo, science has always been a hot topic in...

When computers see

Have you ever paused for a moment and counted the number of cameras you actually own and use? It is fine, you may...

Myth Debunked: UUWWWEEE

You can easily recognise new parents at the Breastfeeding Clinic at the Mater Dei Hospital. They are the ones...

Photo of the week - September 23, 2018

A paddle-nosed lobster (Ċkala in Maltese) found in the vicinity of Blue Grotto, Qrendi, at a depth of about eight...

State of the art: can robots be Rembrandts?

A French collective of artist-entrepreneurs are creating fine art using a computer algorithm, with one of their...

Aboriginal people lived in Australia's desert interior 50,000 years ago

Earlier than first thought

What's your name again? How often do we forget stuff?

Study showed things were forgotten once every other day

Three things to learn from people who don't use smartphones or social media

Quarter of US adults are 'almost constantly online'

Five psychological reasons why people fall for scams – and how to avoid them

One in five of over-65s have been targetted by e-mail

VS Naipaul: a man who cast doubt on post-colonial liberal certainties

Violence during pregnancy

Pregnancy does not prevent the occurrence of intimate partner violence, says Edith Sciberras

Apple's new iPhones a slight notch above the X: reviewers

Lukewarm reviews prompted by XS's lack of new features

Military cemetery revisited

The Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem will be organising a discussion about the history...

Sacro Cuor parish, Sliema, celebrates its centenary

Joseph Grech recounts the history of Sliema’s second parish

Tourists not welcome: how to tackle the issue of overtourism

No use expecting solution from individuals

From the Customs House to Imgherbeb Point (Part 3)

A terse account of a most interesting part of Valletta

An invasion of Malta: military manoeuvres on an island garrison

On April 7, 1899, an invading naval fleet approached the northern shores of Malta, and having carried out a...

President meets Lifecycle cyclists at San Anton

Twenty-five cyclists from the Foster Clark Lifecycle Challenge cycled for six hours around Malta as part of their...