What could the new collider find - and would it be worth the price tag?

Replacement plans for CERN's Large Hadron Collider unveiled

Climate change is making dangerous industries even riskier

Agriculture, construction and fishing all need to adapt

Andrea Vassallo: the self-made brilliant architect

On November 7, 1908, the three members of the Examining Board of Engineers and Architects, by secret ballot,...

How we model our reality

Older adults tend not to accept change very easily, and that’s because of the model of the world they...

Lija students hold reunion

A reunion was held for Year 6 students (1985) who were together at Lija Primary School. The event, organised by...

Explainable AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest hype, a buzz word that is thrown in any conversation concerning...

Myth debunked: Boy or girl?

There are several myths surrounding the prediction of whether a pregnant woman will be having a boy or a girl....

Photo of the week - January 20, 2019

New research found a direct association between increased ocean warming and increased wave energy. This means...

STM Malta’s festive celebration

STM Malta gathered at the Panorama Restaurant for the annual Christmas party. The evening started with a dinner...

Frank Salt celebrate in style

The beautiful ballroom of the Hotel Phoenicia in Floriana was the perfect setting to celebrate another year of...

Prizes for National Crib Competition awarded

The award ceremony for the winners of the National Crib Competition by Festivals Malta was held at the...

Banksy: who should foot the bill to protect his work in public spaces?

Are the pieces philanthropy - or unfair on the owner of the location?

Free public transport is great news for the environment but it's no silver bullet

Increasing petrol tax might be more effective

Gillette ad isn't anti-men, it's anti-toxic masculinity – and should be welcomed

Why has the ad generated such a backlash?

After 600 years, night watchman still keeps vigil over Lausanne

Every evening, the night watchman clambers to the top of the Lausanne cathedral bell tower and gets to work: he...

Lingerie looks for new bottom line after #MeToo

Sexiness is giving way to comfort, tarnishing the allure of G-strings and push-ups

Brexit: Theresa May survives confidence vote, but Brussels is in charge now

EU will not waiver in the face of May's problems

Is social media causing more harm?

Even well-meaning comments can end up causing harm

Amazon, Facebook and Google know what you're talking about

They don't need to spy on your conversations to learn about you

'Naive, reckless' tourists couchsurfing in war-torn Afghanistan

Seeking an "authentic" experience as he backpacked through war-torn Afghanistan, Dutch tourist Ciaran Barr...