UK tabloids fall out of love with 'Duchess Difficult' Meghan

Meghan is faced with a daily barrage of headlines criticising her courtly manner

'Malta needs a superhero... I'm allowed to dream, right?'

Cartoonist Steve Bonello on the country's ills and his new book

Five ways to make your Christmas greener

Even virtual presents have a carbon footprint

Climate talks pass baton in race to stop global warming

Onus now on governments, cities and communities

The origins of Malta’s Medical School – December 19, 1676

Although the Jesuit College of higher education had existed in Valletta since the last decade of the 16th...

Francesco Gesualdo – Malta’s protestant martyr or fake news?

Malta can boast of only one shining Protestant martyr, a man who paid with his life, a rare steadfastness in...

My favourite Chrıstmas photo

Three well-known faces go down memory lane

Multitasking between devices is associated with poorer attention and memory

178m US adults use another device while watching TV

Salvo Grima Foundation hosts Service Dog graduation ceremony

A unique celebration took place in Marsa recently as a young Golden Retriever – Quincy – formally...

Understanding how medicines work in pulmonary disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease, which is mainly caused by the...

Christmas feel for Sliema

Over 60 businesses in Sliema got together with the local council to give the town’s shopping precinct a...

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Myth Debunked: Video gaming myths

Christmas is getting closer, and one good present that makes a child jubilant is a video game.  Especially...

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Restaurant awards ceremony at the Radisson Blu Golden Sands

[attach id=687867 size="large" align="left"]From left: Marlise Caruana, Angie Azzopardi and Kim...

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Main Street Shopping Complex invests in local community

This Christmas, Main Street Shopping Complex will once again create a magical atmosphere around Paola’s...

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Photo of the week - December 16, 2018

The Lockheed SR-71 ‘Blackbird’ is a long-range, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft that was...

Home not alone

Somewhere between the old and the new, you will find your own traditions, says Amanda Lia.

Weird & wonderful

Beyond the Christmas tree and tinsel is a world of lanterns, boats and radishes, says Christine Cassar.

Has consumerism taken over Christmas?

Christmas is a time of cheer – and shopping. For some, the commercialisation of this festive period –...

The San Lawrenz Christmas pageant: fifty years on

The small village of San Lawrenz is this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Christmas pageant, held...

Italian Mafia activities are actively expanding abroad

European police forces are still unprepared