Social media in trouble after data protection laws come into force

Privacy group object to 'forced consent'

Understanding why our data needed to be protected

74% of Maltese people feel they do not have complete control of their personal data

New EU data protection rules take effect on Friday

New rights wihh strengthen citizens' rights

Scared of revenge porn? Send Facebook your naked photos

Social media company will use to identify any unauthorised uploads

Memorja project reaches out to people and the past

Archive seeks to add those all-important details

Pilgrim’s progress

Having just completed the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail, Josette Falzon feels alive...

Sir Francis Douglas: a forgotten Governor?

Francis Campbell Ross Douglas served as Governor Malta for a period just short of three years: from July 10,...

More contemporary works of art of teachers’ patron saint

[attach id=649485 size="medium" align="right"]Paul Camilleri Cauchi (2002). Cathedral of the Assumption of Our...

Surfing brain waves

‘Millions of flashing shuttles weave a dissolving pattern, always a meaningful pattern though never an...

Myth Debunked: Espresso, please

This week we debunk myths concerning the most popular drug of choice, caffeine.  Found abundantly in coffee,...

Photo of the week

Reef restoration: More than 400 coral ‘trees’ grow in this nursery off the coast of Tavernier,...

Before the tower cranes arrived... Malta looked like this

Pictures of Malta's glorious past

Yanny or laurel? Is your brain playing tricks on you?

Vote on the clip that is driving the internet mad

Babies and pets: a guide for new parents

It goes without saying that having a baby is a life changing event. Thankfully, there is a

Wheels of time

The old saying goes that history was written on the back of a horse. Jessica Arena leafs...

British court could change the way in which divorces are awarded

Difference between "unreasonable behaviour" and "reasonably expected" to stay

Meghan Markle's father overshadows wedding to Prince Harry

Meghan Markle's father overshadowed his daughter's wedding to Prince Harry by sowing confusion about whether he...

Across the world in search of home

A couple find the daughter they dreamt of, as a woman goes in search of her past

Lifestyle changes may increase chances of pregnancy

Following a study linking infertility to dietary habits, gynaecologist Mark Formosa tells...

Cigarettes kill and it’s not just people

Smoking kills seven million people a year globally and it scars the planet through deforestation, pollution and...