When quitting cigarettes, consider using more nicotine, not less

New research rebuts idea of nicotine replacement

USAID launches latest clean-up for Vietnam War-era Agent Orange site

$183 million for this clean-up, after four decades

Dementia, sex and the law

There are events in life that do not fit our black and white moral principles. The monochromatic reality of our...

'World's smallest baby boy' set to go home in Japan

Baby weighed as much as an apple when he was born last October

Scientists revive brain function in dead pigs

Pig brains can have blood flow and cell function restored even hours after death

Testosterone: why defining a 'normal' level is hard to do

Low levels can impact on many aspects, for both men and women

Half of statins patients don't hit 'healthy' cholesterol levels

Patients respond differently to treatment

Type of grass pollen, not count, could be important for allergy sufferers

400 million people worldwide affected

Scientists unveil 'first' 3D print of heart with human tissue, vessels

'Major medical breakthrough'

Sugar added to 77% of items

Processed foods have taken over most of the food we eat at the expense of those included in healthy nutritional...

Mother of 3-DNA baby praises new fertility treatment

The Greek mother of the

Ebola death toll in DRC passes 750: WHO

Agency's committee meeting in Geneva

Sense of taste changes as we age

Taste is a complex phenomenon. We do not experience the sensation through a single sense (as...

Crude oil touted as health cure in Azerbaijan

Naftalan became a popular health resort for Soviet citizens in the 1920s

Push to cure hepatitis B, a neglected disease

Disease kills twice as many people as malaria

A shot of truth: the MMR vaccine and the conspiracies that dog it

'Google is not a medical school,' a local GP notes

Electric bikes can boost older people's mental performance and well-being

Mental function improved as much as it had for the pedallers

Online tool encourages healthy weight gain during pregnancy

Goal-setting effective for those who start with normal body weight

New York mandates vaccine to contain Brooklyn measles outbreak

Public health emergency announced in parts of the city

Cutting-edge procedure mends Jagger's 'heart of stone'

Rock star says be is 'feeling much better'