Time for a dash of Mourvèdre

Since the mid-1990s a spirit of change has spread through Malta’s vineyards and wineries. Little did we...

Changing my mind

YufuIndustrial EstateSan GwannTel:...

Campari launches new short movie, Entering Red

This year inaugurates iconic Negroni cocktail as world famous drink

Say it with Baci on most romantic day of the year

Traditional messages of love in five flavours

An Unforketable experience

The Fork and CorkTelgha Tas-Saqqajja, MdinaTel: 7904...

A delightful experience

Taro at The VillaThe VillaBalluta

Baking in winter

What better than something sweet to flavour your mood on a cold, wintry day? Recipes courtesy of Mattersoftaste.com.au.

Choice of over 200 whiskies at Limestone Heritage

The third edition of The Malta Whisky Festival will be held today at 7pm at the Limestone Heritage in...

Wine barrels roll out to the Bettija’rt finalists

Ten artists, 10 barrels! Bettija’rt | wine.art.living kicks off in earnest as the organising Delicata...

Discussing the food landscape in Malta

The Mediterranean Culinary Academy, together with Valletta Design Cluster and the Valletta 2018 Foundation, is...

The history of the ftira

Heritage Malta is holding a lecture on the ‘Ftira: a marker of identity?’ by food historian Noel...

Michelin gives stars back to chef who didn't want them

Sebastien Bras just wanted to enjoy cooking for its own sake

For goodness’ sake

MadokaTriq San ĠorġSt Julian’s

Eeetwell opens in Valletta

Multi-cuisine food store Eeetwell opened a new outlet in Merchants Street, Valletta, on January 11. To celebrate...

Is the ftira a marker of Maltese identity?

The Maltese ftira is undoubtedly the most popular local bread-based product. It can serve both as a full meal or...

True winter recipes

Here are some warm and easy-to-cook recipes you can concoct very quickly, together with a delicious pie for...

One for the money, one for the soul

ManoucheTriq Mikiel Ang BorgSpinola

Looking forward

Ed Eats carries out his traditional annual round-up of the restaurants scene in Malta.

Let's talk turkey...

Did you know that the classic Christmas dinner was inspired by Dickens?

Five ways to cut down your food waste this Christmas

Equivalent of 2 million turkeys thrown away every year in the UK