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When drivers become targets on wheels

Gilbert and Sullivan at the Salesians

The Manoel Theatre, in collaboration with the Valletta 2018 Foundation, present Teatru Manoel Youth Opera in...

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Sometimes, mental illness is down to physical causes

Architectural Heritage Awards launched

Projects should display a standard of work which would be outstanding in a Maltese context

Never bored with Bordeaux

Herman Grech finds much more than fine wine in the French town. Bruno, our flamboyant tour...

Tragic opera returns after 29-year absence

Tragic opera Lucia di Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti will be returning to the Teatru Astra in Gozo after a...

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Call for artists to research multi-sensorial art

Works to be exhibited in four countries

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Emmys draw 11.4 million TV audience

Trump the butt of jokes and jibes

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Murals appeared outside Barbican centres

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Licensed to grill

Maltese team successful again in international cooking competition

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Paula Fleri-Soler checks out Stephen King’s classic, remade in all its glorious horror.

Scott Eastwood’s new role in Overdrive

Experiencing World Con

Writer Teodor Reljic relives his experience being part of World Con 2017. Interview by Ramona Depares.

A Maltese artist in Fascist Italy

Maria Cassar traces the history of classic artist William Apap.

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