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Marketing home-grown products

Maltese agriculture is facing an existential challenge. Unless local farmers and small food producers can find a...

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State of cultural heritage - Karsten Xuereb

The European Parliament elections come at an interesting moment for cultural affairs on the...

Burlò - May 20, 2019

Chama Chama Ian!

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Health versus economic growth - Stanley Farrugia Randon

One of the resolutions approved unanimously during the annual general meeting of Din l-Art Ħelwa in February...

How Malta could be - Frank Salt

I am not pointing my finger at any one person or body. I am not blaming anybody. I am just expressing my thoughts...

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Cheap talk

Whenever I alight from the bus at the bus terminus in Valletta I wonder why the dead pine trees (seven) in number...

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Should we export our water?

In 1998 I was attending a training course in Israel and happened to visit Jaffa, the port area whose name we...

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The shameful reaction of Simon Busuttil and David Casa, following the constitutional court’s decision to...

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Confusing timetables

As a frequent visitor to Malta, I have shared a love hate relationship with the public transport...

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Zero tolerance for using phone while driving

In Malta one sees motorists using mobile phones while driving all day long, endangering their life and also the...

Sliema, I love you but I don’t like you anymore - Michela Spiteri

The only thing being maintained in this town is the status quo

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Europe’s democratic test

Next weekend’s European Parliament elections are an important exercise in the bloc’s democracy. The...

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What will you be voting for? - Simone Vella Lenicker

Most people have already made their mind up about who they will vote for in the European Parliament elections....

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Politics of abortion - Sandro Spiteri

So, Adrian Delia can cure cancer. Pity he wasn’t around 15 years ago, when I had to make do with the...

Islanders - May 19, 2019


ZTV - Silent


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Just getting started - David Casa

With the European Parliament elections approaching, all candidates are in the final days of their campaigns. The...

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Producing results people need - Francis Zammit Dimech

EU legislation has a direct impact on our daily lives. This is why we need to invest all our capability into...

A looming vision - John B. Pace

Imagine a million tons of rock laden on trucks weaving their way through the dense traffic for several...

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Only in Malta - Noemi Zarb

There was a time when I would have a good chuckle over our foibles depicted on the ‘Only in Malta’...