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Call me 'Lilly' all you want, but...

Why catcalling cannot be compared to violence

I disagree with Matthew, but...

X-Factor competitor had the right to say what he said

I disagree with Matthew, but...

X-Factor competitor had the right to say what he said

The light that will never be extinguished

Deface the memorial till kingdom come, but Daphne and her words will live on forever

The Irish are great fun until they’re not…

'The status, shape and practices surrounding the Border must remain centre-stage'

We are “women”, not “girls”.

Nobody refers to a man as a “boy” after high school, except perhaps his mother

Self censorship after Daphne's murder

Since the Caruana Galizia murder, I find myself censoring my writing and my thoughts

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What on earth did Pakistanis and Bangladeshis do to Adrian Delia?

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Muscat's progressive thinking

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Leave that child alone

How parent alienation is damaging children

Who benefits most?

Addressing issues of need as an ‘added value’ element in tourism is not credible

Where modernity has never been

The Maltese seek patronage of different Lords whose interests have never changed

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March in remembrance of victims of femicide

One more femicide too many

There has been a worryingly increasing number of murdered women in Malta

Why don’t you drag out the bullies instead?

All of us should be marching to the beat of the activists' drums

The growth delusion

Malta is bursting at the seams, and yet we cross our fingers and plough on

No to Brexit, yes to Dexit

Decisions, even if taken democratically, should be studied objectively

Us migrants

Reflections on Xewqat tal-Passa/Migrant Desires