Beware satanic bananas

MP warned followers to beware satanic bananas that may be infected with HIV

Meat consumption and our future: the ‘no-brainer’

Avoiding or reducing meat and dairy products is the most significant way to reduce our environmental impact on the...

A thinking woman is a scary woman

Free-thinking men suffer criticism too, though not as harsh

Victim on trial

They ask why women don't speak up. The answer is staring them right in the face

Where are the pro-lifers in the migrants' plight?

A country of 'hypocrites', happy to wave any flag so long as it fits their agenda

An arguably prude but indisputably candid agenda

Why do we have to face vulgar or inadequate expressions?

Who are we supposed to look up to?

Claims of domestic abuse are not enough to seal the fate of a private individual, but they are enough to seal a...

All are equal under the law, but some are more equal than others

Does the Delia case mean it is possible to have decrees issued within 12 hours?

A 2019 wish list

Malta's four deep-seated crises

Against the tide, I pledge more action in 2019

It is not just the same 'old tiring crowd' drowning out the discourse

Gozo: open to the world

‘A diverse society is a sustainable society’

Not fully human

Great strides in some areas, but Malta's human rights record remains blotted

Human Rights – a literacy ‘must

Why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights matters

‘Jaqaw liswed li qeda mijew...

It is not enough to remain silent or leave the room when witnessing racism

Who elected NGOs?

Who needs NGOs or civil society organisations? And, in whose name do they speak? When government does its...

Signs from the after-life

Guilt will never stop tormenting those with blood on their hands

Damned by numbers

A few key numbers tell several terrible truths

Maltese cheerleading ugliness

Trading venomous insults almost appears to be a national sport

Call me 'Lilly' all you want, but...

Why catcalling cannot be compared to violence

I disagree with Matthew, but...

X-Factor competitor had the right to say what he said