When dreams become nightmares

March in remembrance of victims of femicide

One more femicide too many

There has been a worryingly increasing number of murdered women in Malta

Why don’t you drag out the bullies instead?

All of us should be marching to the beat of the activists' drums

The growth delusion

Malta is bursting at the seams, and yet we cross our fingers and plough on

No to Brexit, yes to Dexit

Decisions, even if taken democratically, should be studied objectively

Us migrants

Reflections on Xewqat tal-Passa/Migrant Desires

That M word

Change is inevitable...The challenge is to positively manage it

Let's address the elephant in the room

Africans continue to subsidise us

Our world in 90 seconds

Ignoring the human price others pay for our cheap clothes is not moral

The online hate mob

Regardless of who is to blame, nobody has the right to play judge and jury

'I can take it... but stop attacking the vulnerable'

So much hate in a country where so many talk about our “values”

'I used my fatness as a joke until I decided enough was enough'

Blogger writes personal piece on bullying, says Facebook will only make matters worse

Egrant and politicians' children

Politicians’ children are more vulnerable to misrepresentation

When all bets are off

Busuttil acted like an 'inexperienced' gambler in the Egrant issue

When football comes home

Appetising and less-appetising aftermaths for prospective winners

Call it national egoism

Time for a reality check before fascism takes over

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Manichaeism, trees, and frozen embryos

If you have strong feelings about either, look away

Confessional and parochial responses to risk management

Economic risk management that is more socially informed and inclusionary needed

The 'influss' hypocrisy

The sheer double standards on migration are becoming nauseating

No to a watery grave

At the time of writing the crisis around the migrant rescue ship Aquarius is still ongoing. It is a sign that the...