Air Malta to be no more?

Everybody appreciates that Air Malta is still experiencing very tough times. But economic woes can hardly justify...

How very kind of you Dottore!

Being a leader of a party is very different from being the president of a football club

Leave our rubbish alone!

Our claim to be patriotic is pure rubbish, says Herman Grech

Adrian Delia will win the next election

How can Delia attract people to his fold if he is under a shadow himself?

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A famous prostitute

Back in the late 1980s, in the heyday of Mikhail Gorbachev, an old doyen observer of politics used to tell me and...

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The crushing of the infamous blogger

AD 2022: Having been crowned PN king in 2017, Adrian Delia has beaten his many demons and battles and has just...

Simon Busuttil, an incredible loser?

Isn’t Simon Busuttil an incredible loser? Adrian Delia sounds amazingly sure of winning against the...

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Answer the old question

  Who benefits? It is an old, central question – cui bono? – already asked by the...

The pirouetting pieties of the self-elected

Anyone over 50 would recognise the signs of outdated politics

The odd feast in five

Do we have long-term historical memory loss in the way we designate our national days?

The end of “glorious” parties

The point that one seems to be missing in the saga that has become the PN’s leadership election has nothing...

Vote Adrian Delia to make Malta truly great

Miracles and flukes do happen and the unlikely man or woman is sometimes chosen when least expected. To begin...

A property developer for PN leader

An article written by the former judge of the European Court,

Whose public morals?

Is a distressed woman in a garbage truck more offensive than people filming her?

Do you suffer from Trumpitis?

I can’t deny that I am in rather a deranged state when I wake up in the middle of the night. Whether I...

We refuse to be part of the freak show

A moment of madness should not be turned into a media spectacle

When clicks are the most important thing

The news cycle in Malta is a strange thing and when I say strange I really mean shameful. Same goes for the...

Rewarding sexual predators

The victim's worst mistake was trying to seek comfort in the arms of the Church

From watch towers to grabbers’ towers

This is the year 2017. We live in enlightened days, the best of times. We have class, cash, chic style, classic...

Blair's paradox

What is the former UK prime minister's legacy?