The Montebello debacle

Sunday started with a concentrated barrage against the Archbishop. It-Torċa fired the first volley,...

The Weakened Embryo Production Act

One hundred professors and lecturers from 14 faculties of the University of Malta are the latest in a long list...

IVF: Will Joseph Muscat ignore the President as well?

Now we have three Labour stalwarts telling the government to slam the brakes.

Oh my Malta, indeed

Attack the argument, not the person

Jason and the Whatnots

You have to hand it to him, Jason Micallef sure knows how to stir up publicity for himself and V18. And surely...

Daphne's laptop: Why the fuss?

A journalist’s sources are protected at law, and there is good reason for that

The music did not die

A day after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia six months ago,  Times of Malta titled its editorial...

Lest we forget and we be damned

'A woman was brutally murdered and nothing has changed'

6 things I learnt from the cartoon saga

'Freedom of expression' in Malta is nothing more than double standards

Charles Scicluna to the pillory

PM gives a fraction of 'corrupt scheme' to Puttinu

Isn’t incest illegal?

We get too close to people we might one day want to take a stand against

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In the front trenches

Politicians are seeking credit for having taken a stand against the Gaffarena-Old Mint Street expropriation deal,...

Down the rabbit hole we go

Down some rabbit hole where all is upside down there is, I like to think, a parallel world where all is rosy,...

Hush no more

As I write this, Hush – the new Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre musical – today (Tuesday)...

Charles Miceli, Karl Marx and Dorothy Day

The stars have a habit of misaligning badly. I have no affinity with astrology and never attributed...

Politicians, wake up and smell the coffee

Women’s rights 'thrown under the bus' for the sake of political expediency

The more you desecrate, the weaker you are

The majority of Maltese people don't care about personal freedoms

To the cowards who cleared Daphne’s memorial...

You can't sweep away democracy at the dead of night

Pot calling the kettle black

When governments turn nepotism into an art form

The PN's radical obsession with abortion

It's not fine for a party suggesting women should be hounded to ensure the protection of the unborn foetus