When football comes home

Appetising and less-appetising aftermaths for prospective winners

Call it national egoism

Time for a reality check before fascism takes over

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Manichaeism, trees, and frozen embryos

If you have strong feelings about either, look away

Confessional and parochial responses to risk management

Economic risk management that is more socially informed and inclusionary needed

The 'influss' hypocrisy

The sheer double standards on migration are becoming nauseating

No to a watery grave

At the time of writing the crisis around the migrant rescue ship Aquarius is still ongoing. It is a sign that the...

John Suda wins another big award

A few days ago, journalist blogger Manuel Delia listed his most read blog posts. Some were quite...

Prime Minister, we need to chat

Joseph Muscat has a duty to answer the media's questions

Educating post-millennials

Time to discuss mismatch between school choice and parental motivations

Free votes and unanimity

The contrast between Malta's two major parties is strikingly clear

Because football matters

Let us now indulge endlessly in our national pastime: total amnesia of anything and everything except inanity

The Montebello debacle

Sunday started with a concentrated barrage against the Archbishop. It-Torċa fired the first volley,...

The Weakened Embryo Production Act

One hundred professors and lecturers from 14 faculties of the University of Malta are the latest in a long list...

IVF: Will Joseph Muscat ignore the President as well?

Now we have three Labour stalwarts telling the government to slam the brakes.

Oh my Malta, indeed

Attack the argument, not the person

Jason and the Whatnots

You have to hand it to him, Jason Micallef sure knows how to stir up publicity for himself and V18. And surely...

Daphne's laptop: Why the fuss?

A journalist’s sources are protected at law, and there is good reason for that

The music did not die

A day after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia six months ago,  Times of Malta titled its editorial...

Lest we forget and we be damned

'A woman was brutally murdered and nothing has changed'

6 things I learnt from the cartoon saga

'Freedom of expression' in Malta is nothing more than double standards