Watch: A national park of France in Guadeloupe (ARTE)

Stunning flora and fauna in this Caribbean paradise

Watch: California, back to paradise (ARTE)

Forest fires almost completely destroyed this paradise

Watch: Sarajevo, a Balkan metropolis (ARTE)

A city in which mosques, churches and synagogues sit side-by-side

Watch: South Africa, occupied land (ARTE)

A far-left party encourages the poor to occupy vacant land

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Watch: Neneh Cherry at the Paris Trianon (ARTE)

The Swedish artist back in the limelight

Watch: The Kooks live in Berlin (ARTE)

The Brighton band are at the top of their game

Watch: Venezuela in crisis (ARTE)

Maduro on one side, Guaidó on the other

Watch: Climate change refugees (ARTE)

In Honduras, many campaigners have no choice but to flee

Watch: Europeans in the New World (ARTE)

30 million crossed the ocean in the 19th century

Watch: Ljubljana, a Balkan metropolis (ARTE)

The Slovenian capital is bursting with creativity

Watch: The Seasons’ Canon by Crystal Pite at the Paris Opera (ARTE)

A ballet dedicated to the forces and forms of nature

Watch: When fear makes you ill (ARTE)

Watch: Twilight of the car industry giants (ARTE)

Tough times ahead for the industry

Watch: Blanco White at Eurosonic Festival (ARTE)

A live recording from the Netherlands

Watch: Senegal: sea plunderers (ARTE)

In Senegal, tensions between local fishermen and commercial ones are rising

Watch: Be Wild! Street philosophy (ARTE)

For this biker gang, being wild is a way of life

Watch: Latin America - what now for the left? (ARTE)

Chilean politician Marco Enriquez-Ominami looks at what went wrong

Watch: Violence in Brazil's favelas (ARTE)

New far right president Jair Bolsonaro has promised shock therapy

Inhabiting Planet Earth: Cuba Havana's Vegetable Gardens (ARTE)

After the USSR's collapse, a green revolution

Watch: An Italian helping refugees

On the French-Italian border, a local bar provides a helping hand