Watch: The Kim Dynasty (ARTE)

Tension between Pyongyang and Washington increases

Watch: Cologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra

Championing contemporary compositions

Watch: The National in concert (ARTE)

Signature sound enchants at Cork Opera House

Watch: Achieving affordable housing (ARTE)

Time to open our minds to new ways of living

Watch: Recovering from Vietnam (ARTE)

Gardeners in exile

Watch: Where prostitutes don't exist (ARTE)

The tragedy of Eva-Marree

Watch: Fighting the obesity problem...and why the Maltese remain fattest in Europe (ARTE)

26% of Maltese are obese

Watch: Opioid drugs biggest cause of death in US (ARTE)

OxyContin is a national epidemic

Watch: The transport of the future (ARTE)

How will we travel tomorrow?

Watch: Who defends Europe? (ARTE)

Do we need an independent defence force?

Watch: Return of the Plague (ARTE)

Madagascar's capital succumbs

Watch: The pleasures of the flesh (ARTE)

New wave of butchers re-inventing the trade

Watch: Are Hospitals too Costly (ARTE)

New approaches to healthcare

Watch: Illegal mining in the Ukraine (ARTE)

Mining fever takes over

Watch: Human organs donated on Facebook?

Thousands of kidney patients in need

Watch: Back to Trump country (ARTE)

Does he still have his supporters?

Watch: Damien Rice in concert (ARTE)

Emotional performance in Paris

Watch: Is Electricity a Luxury? (ARTE)

Why is it so expensive?

Watch: Eating Insects (ARTE)

Will the bug burger be a hit?

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Watch: Tunisia's Rag Trade (ARTE)

A global trade in second-hand clothes