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Migrant construction worker in a coma after falling four storeys

Lassana Cisse's application had been rejected, Archbishop says

€7,000 paid to smugglers for migrant’s release

Cultural handbook for mental health practitioners

Birkirkara residents lament ‘senseless’ development of home for the elderly

'Impact of the project will be significant'

Environmental bodies call for study on reducing need to excavate

Developers being given the message anything is possible

PD MEP candidate Camilla Appelgren quit Facebook over 'death threats' - PD deputy leader

She shut down her page amid abortion controversy

Watch: Green lung over Regional Road in four years, says Environment Minister

Preliminary study into €20 million project completed

PD MEP candidate Camilla Appelgren quits Facebook

Appelgren's accounts vanish, one day after party confusion over abortion pledge

Muscat says Delia only started wanting Friday's debate on Thursday

Criticises Opposition for not committing to support government's nomination for EU Commission

€25m in storm damage not enough to qualify for EU funding

Bill from February's storm would need to be more than twice as high to qualify

Watch: 'Don't commercialise Cottonera', children tell government

Three per cent of Cottonera residents are foreign

Malta a dictatorship after parliament shutdown move, Delia says

Over 35,000 jobs threatened by tax harmonisation - PN leader

Watch: Exit programme for victims of prostitution to launch this year

Government signs contract with Dar Hosea to provide service

Man with disability, two babies stuck at sea as Malta refuses migrant entry

Migrants crammed on board, NGO says

Students who sat for exam during rowdy hen's party catch a break

O-level students said loud music and chants made it hard to focus

Muscat lambasts reports on ODZ applications

Accuses media of trying to throw people off a tangent

No comment from Malta as 65 people are rescued off Libya

Children and one person with disability among those rescued

Muscat only called Egrant inquiry to make political statement, Delia says

PN should take fight for Egrant inquiry to European Courts - MEP candidate

Run-down housing estates receive €92,000 makeover

100 families lived in Floriana estates

Medical students fear studies ‘in jeopardy’ as Barts students join in clinical practice

Association says wards for clinical practice are already crowded

Malta urged to keep a better look-out for tsunamis

Last significant tsunami to hit Malta was in 1908

Upcoming EU elections are 'a referendum on abortion', Delia says

Those who have had an abortion should be helped, PN leader insists

Construction workers’ conditions need to be revised, President says

Workers being sacrificed at the altar of competitiveness

Workers being sacrificed at 'altar of competitiveness' - Delia

PN leader says we need to prepare for changes in work cultures

Workers' rights being breached by 'only a few employers' - PM

Gender pay gap increased after women entered the workforce

20 MEP candidates commit to equal reproductive rights

Survey results by Life Network Foundation continue trickling in