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Proposal to induce early births for unwanted pregnancies raises eyebrows

PD suggestion comes in for criticism

Activists take issue with Muscat's claim of 'shift in public mood' following murder

NGOs say 'no evidence' people have changed since Lassana Cisse was killed

Cyclists fear Marsa bicycle lane

Cyclists have raised safety concerns over a bicycle lane on the new Aldo Moro Road, in Marsa, which they say is...

PN, PD pledge anti-abortion Constitutional amendment this year

Labour Party does not sign activists' "life from conception" pledge

‘The reason they’re coming here is Game of Thrones’

Some book tour before flights and accommodation

Could Lassana Cisse's murder have been prevented, asks Adrian Delia

PN leader warns of 'racist discourse' taking root in Malta

Applicants drop controversial Żabbar zoning plans

14,000 square metres of land hung in the balance

db Group denies works on Pembroke Cold War bunker

NGOs sound alarm after excavations carried out on site

Strong odds on Michela to reach the Eurovision final

Malta still leads the Youtube rankings

Valletta Design Cluster to open by end of year

Works at Old Civil Abattoir (Il-Biċċerija) continue apace

Wied Għomor development decisions in the balance

Two unrelated proposals draw a flurry of objections

Wales-Malta parallels inspire theatre duo

Company to perform Under Milk Wood

Gozo dive spot sewage outflow persists

Murky discharge flowing freely into the sea from an underwater pipe

New centre at St Vincent de Paule home will cater for younger residents

Younger residents - primarily people with a disability - have been living with elderly residents at the main facility

Developers seek to re-zone 14,000 square metres of land in Żabbar

Environmental groups file objections to plans for tract of agricultural land

Land reclamation can save the environment, minister says

'Other countries have used it to preserve their parks and forests'

'Society cannot be stratified between Maltese and foreigners': Archbishop

Archbishop delivers social message during St Publius pontifical mass

Smart Supermarket complex to get complete redevelopment

Permit approved in public hearing

'Just get along,' MEP candidates tell hunters and environmentalists

PN, PL candidates give near-identical responses in defence of hunting

Lost Bob Marley tapes discovered by Maltese man to be auctioned

Tapes feature previously-unheard recordings of some of Marley's greatest songs

Muscat: Elections a choice between hope and fear

PM highlights social justice achievements in Workers' Day address

These ODZ fuel stations could be cut down to size

We take a look at pending applications and how a revised policy might affect them

‘Din L-Art Ħelwa has made a huge difference to Malta’

Cornwall resident's contributions to the Maltese organisation

V18 pumped €167m into Valletta

Homes sold off to become commercial establishments

New on-demand bus service you book on a phone

Scheme operating between Pembroke and Valletta