Articles by: Sarah Carabott

Watch: An assault rifle bullet... the cure for a gay man

“I’m human, so hate speech does get to me,” says Chucky Bartolo

Insight into the genius of Arrighi

Silver has no colour and one ray of light could throw the whole composition off. This is where the...

Watch: 290 roads to be completed by the end of the year

Contractors will have to rebuild roads if they fail tests

Foreign patients at Mater Dei: what you need to know

Hospital triples revenue from foreign patients, with a new billing system in the works

Government ‘should pay for’ longer paternity leave

Directive would introduce 10 days of paternity leave remunerated

Government should carry expense of extended paternity leave

Fathers' single day of birth leave will be extended to 10 days

MEP urges EU states to make latest cancer drugs available

An EU-wide approach is necessary to eradicate cancer

Brussels launches equal pay consultation

Closing gender gap would raise GDP by 0.2%

Half-yearly exams go ahead in senior schools despite teachers' directives

Education Directorate acts as 'industrial action breaker'

Walking in Amina’s shoes: the story of a migrant’s daughter

Credible publishers need to give a voice to all sorts of different stories

A roof over one's head is a right, not a gift - Adrian Delia

PN leader guarantees housing to every Maltese

Watch: 'I have a bullet ready for you' - women's rights activist's regular dose of hate speech

Right to free speech should not come with hateful messages

Maltese-led cancer drug trial reaches final phase

It has been effective against six types of cancers

Watch: MEPs call for Egrant inquiry to be published, solution on Caruana Galizia memorial

EP Committee also urges Malta to stop passport sales

Doubts on choice of cervical cancer vaccine

More modern vaccines offer more protection

Plans to shelter unique Gozo catacombs to be submitted to PA

Two of the initial designs show pathway leading to Għar Gerduf

Court will continue hearing ARMS billing challenge

Consumers had opposed the ways that the bills were calculated

Catacombs saved, but concern over development remains

NGO calls for expropriation of land in front of Għar Gerduf

Gender pay gap caught up with Malta - President

'Achieving full gender equality requires political will'

Watch: ‘You will go down like Daphne’ - MP chronicles hate speech

Godfrey Farrugia discusses his hate mail

High risk of genital mutilation but low prosecution in Malta

February 6 is International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

‘Living proof one kidney is enough’ - two men share their experiences

'Organ donation remains the best gift one could give'

€2.2 million in church restoration across 15 parishes

Tourists at these sites expected to increase by 200,000 - Aaron Farrugia

You can be someone’s eyes through your smartphone

Be My Eyes app works similarly to the telecare system

65 organisations say EU states are complicit in Mediterranean tragedy

What migrants told Oxfam