John Baldacchino

John Baldacchino

John Baldacchino is director of the Arts Institute and professor of arts education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Articles by: John Baldacchino

Where modernity has never been

The Maltese seek patronage of different Lords whose interests have never changed

One more femicide too many

There has been a worryingly increasing number of murdered women in Malta

Us migrants

Reflections on Xewqat tal-Passa/Migrant Desires

When all bets are off

Busuttil acted like an 'inexperienced' gambler in the Egrant issue

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Manichaeism, trees, and frozen embryos

If you have strong feelings about either, look away

Charles Miceli, Karl Marx and Dorothy Day

The stars have a habit of misaligning badly. I have no affinity with astrology and never attributed...

Saints, villains and shysters

Who are the custodians of freedom of expression?

From Luther to Lenin

It’s been a month of anniversaries. Amongst other, we marked five centuries of Lutheran Reformation, and...

Justice and suspended judgement

To suspend judgement for the sake of justice may sound paradoxical, but it's the only way to seek the truth

Delia’s new politics of the right

The PN's new leader is shifting the party's ideological base

Political embarrassment (or the lack thereof)

'Politics is run on a kind of perpetual deferral'

How very kind of you Dottore!

Being a leader of a party is very different from being the president of a football club

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A famous prostitute

Back in the late 1980s, in the heyday of Mikhail Gorbachev, an old doyen observer of politics used to tell me and...

The pirouetting pieties of the self-elected

Anyone over 50 would recognise the signs of outdated politics

The end of “glorious” parties

The point that one seems to be missing in the saga that has become the PN’s leadership election has nothing...

Whose public morals?

Is a distressed woman in a garbage truck more offensive than people filming her?

Blair's paradox

What is the former UK prime minister's legacy?

Liberals my ar*e!

Despite the talk, Malta remains fundamentally illiberal and unequal

The environment, history and geography

'Why should the environment only be centre-stage at points of crises?'

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Of oranges, carobs and loose alliances

Voters need to know where their representatives really stand for

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A Republic in abeyance

It would be a disaster for the Labour Party to think that there is nothing to learn from its second landslide in...

Two Labour victories and the politics of modesty

Now that the British general elections are sealed by leafy Kensington turning to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour...

Refusing to jump on the bandwagon

This election has let many down in terms of what was expected to be a calmer state of affairs. Its circumstances...

The discrete charm of Malta’s bourgeois democracy

Those of us who could see an election approaching like a car crash in slow motion, anticipating an ensuing...

Those of us who are not shouting

Polarisation has increased and the distinction between truth and opinion has vanished